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    [Live Review] Coldplay @ HP Pavillion, San Jose



    1 life in technicolor

    2 violet hill

    3 clocks

    4 in my place

    5 viva la vida

    6 42

    7 yes

    8 the scientist


    9 chinese sleep chant

    10 god put a smile upon your face


    11 square one

    12 speed of sound

    13 strawberry swing

    14 yellow- full band

    15 politik

    16 lost


    17 the hardest part - acoustic

    18 death will never conquer


    19 fix you

    20 lovers in japan


    21 death and all his friends


    I thought that this was a GREAT opportunity for the band to really 'step it up' from their last two shows in LA. The first half somewhat left me disappointed (same order like last time from Life in Technicolor to Strawberry Swing). But right after, Chris then goes on saying "I wish there was a way for us to be up in the back *wink*" (YES I SAW HIM WINK/GRIN, THAT LITTLE SNEAK!). I guess I, along with maybe the other few Coldplay fanatics, knew about the bits and surprises from LA, but when Chris spurted that line I was immediately suspicious. Before anything else was said, the first downbeat note of YELLOW was done and I went nuts!! It's been A LONG TIME since I heard the album/electric version of Yellow since the Twisted Logic tour!


    But that doesn't end there....THE BOYS KICKED IT INTO THE HARD-HITTING NOTES OF POLITIK!! You guys probably wouldn't believe it, but I FUCKING WENT CRAZY HERE!! OMFG that had to be the best performance of Politik that I've ever seen since the Grammy's (....okay that's sort of an exaggeration, but it's been a while since they busted out that song!).


    More on this here [thanks IneedYou23 & talkingonsquareone89]setlistyaaaay.jpg



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