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    [Live Review] Coldplay - Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria (24th September 2008)

    Coldplay's single concert at the Stadthalle in Austria took place tonight. A strong show, no surprises, no mistakes. More on this concert here onwards and images at the gallery here. [thanks *Sarah* & Miha]




    Life In Technicolor

    Violet Hill


    In My Place

    Speed Of Sound

    Cemeteries Of London

    Chinese Sleep Chant


    Fix You

    Strawberry Swing

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)

    Talk (partial - techno version)

    The Hardest Part (piano - Chris)

    Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)

    Viva La Vida


    The Scientist (acoustic)

    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - Will singing)

    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)



    Lovers In Japan

    Death And All His Friends



    The Escapist


    [discussion] [photos] [videos] [wiki reviews/setlist] (updated over the next 24 hours)


    This was, I have to say, the best concert I've ever gone to. For starters, Albert Hammond Jr was terrific as the supporting act, he had some very good rock songs, couldn't really hear what he was singing about but obviously it didn't matter! After then half an hour after AHJ, we heard a familiar melody! "An der schönen blauen Donau" by Johann Strauss II, the crowd obviously went crazy! And right at the end of that song, Coldplay came to the stage.



    It was just totally amazing! They played really fast through LIT, Violet Hill (with a bit of alternative ending, Chris just wouldn't stop singing "if you love me, won't you let me know" - it's probably because we didn't want him to stop! As they went into 'Clocks' we saw some of the most fantastic lightshow ever, with a giant magic sphere just adding up to what was already a great performance. And then Chris came in front and said "Guten Abend, meine Freunde". The crowd went wooooow! He continued: "Wir sind sehr, how could I put this, I'm sorry, my german's shit, wir sind sehr glucklich in Wien zu sein" /(very honoured to be here)


    Typical Chris, as the crowd went crazy! As they went through In My Place, Speed Of Sound, Cemeteries Of London, Chinese Sleep Chant, 42, Fix You (again at the end, Chris just wouldn't stop singing 'and I will try to fix you', he repeated that many times) and Strawberry Swing there were some brilliant effects!


    As they went to the B-stage, which was really not far away from A-stage to be honest, we left the grandstand, and then sneaked through another entrance, so we were like a few meters away from Chris' piano! Phenomenal to say at least, we were jumping like maniacs by the time Viva La Vida had started. After its end, we were just doing 'whoooaaahh, whoooaah' for more than 2 mins, I'm sure of it!

    Lost! was so heavy that the floor started to vibrate, and I at that point even wasn't close to the A-stage! Really amazing! The Scientist was an acoustic version, they dissapeared from the A-stage and ended in the back with the crowd on the grandstand. They sang that and "Death will never conquer" by the best 'sportsman' Will Champion and returned for Politik and Lovers in Japan - again huge confetti, I got some of those, really amazing. Death and all his friends was a marvellous version, a bit heavier than usual, and it looked as if the crowd knew each and every word of it! They said bye at the end of it, and returned for Yellow, which was heavy, rock, fantastic whatever you want to call it.


    I just wanted to let you know my feelings about it and think that's about the best thing you can see today. There's no way to better Coldplay's concert. Truly great.


    We had seating tickets but we actually made our grandstand behind us all stand up, it was just so great! [thanks Miha]






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