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    [Live Review] Coldplay - The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit (3rd November 2008)

    Coldplay played the The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit last night. No changes to the normal setlist, but coldplayer melanieau had a birthday wish from Chris Martin during the show.




    Life In Technicolor

    Violet Hill


    In My Place

    Speed Of Sound

    Cemeteries Of London

    Chinese Sleep Chant


    Fix You

    Strawberry Swing

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)

    Talk (techno version)

    The Hardest Part (piano - Chris. dedicated to Jennifer Hudson)

    Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)

    Viva La Vida


    The Scientist (acoustic)

    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - Will singing)

    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)



    Lovers In Japan

    Death And All His Friends



    The Escapist (outro)


    [discussion] [photos] [videos] [wiki reviews/setlist] (updated over the next 24 hours)


    First of all, it was the best concert i have ever been to. there were not any huge surprises but i words cants express what this concert was like. Coldplay playing in Detroit Rock City!! I came within 20 yards or less when Death will never conquer and The scientist. The crowd was nuts. I was nuts. thats all i have to say. thank you COLDPLAY [thanks ColdplayCold]


    Mel says Chris comes out and says Happy Birthday, it's Jonny's baby's 1st birthday. (Awwwwwww Mel has same birthday as Jonny's baby) and then he sees sign Mel has that says it's her birthday and he says "And Happy Birthday to you too!" They held up "Roadies do it in the dark" sign and some girl that works for band sees them and comes and gets them and takes them back stage and they take their picture posing with sign and all the roadies! [thanks melanieau, Texasluvsjonny]


    I just got back from the CP concert in Detroit and my ears are still ringing I loved, loved, loved it! I knew exactly what was going to happen (butterflies during Lovers, going into the nosebleed section, etc.), but I was thrilled beyond words! It was awesome! I especially loved how Chris dedicated "The Hardest Part" to Jennifer Hudson. Seriously, that was thoughtful. [thanks alsisla]


    Horrible experience.....i got sat next to some whiny bitch that kept crying throughout the show and calling her what i gathered was ex-bf....telling him how much she loved him...and honestly she didnt stop crying throughout the show. But the show and there performance was amazing! I enjoyed every bit while trying to block out the nuisance next to me. [thanks c0ldplay420]


    More on this concert including reviews, videos and pictures here onwards [thanks Lore, mimixxx, Death Hill]



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