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    [Live Updates] Coldplay @ O2 Arena, London, UK (15th December 2008)

    chrisballoon1.jpgMore exclusive Coldplaying live updates from London's O2 Arena in the UK, from those in the venue (and outside it) at the second of three consecutive Coldplay concerts tonight. Keep up-to-date with them all here onwards. Times are GMT (local time). So far, here's a summary (most recent first):


    10.40pm: OMG HE CALLED ! LOVERS IN JAPAN!!!! he is on Guys side, out of confetti range , but very close he says! He gets to eat it tomorrow night though, floor seats! [thanks xxKels & Kimchi]


    9.31pm: New text: "Speed of Sound now, The song you opened my eyes and heart to, OMFG, I love you...." [thanks xxKels & Kimchi]


    9.15pm: KIMCHI BELTING OUT VIOLET HILL TO ME! JONNY SOLO ROCKIN!!! [thanks xxKels & Kimchi]


    9.10pm: WOOOOT! PHONE CALL, KIMCHI SCREAMING, BAAABY!!! Blue Danube just on now! [thanks xxKels & Kimchi]


    8.30pm: Chavi from the outside: she says they think the band and Phil came in around 4ish, and Guy a little later... well at leasts that's something [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]

    8.04pm: í'll just post what she texted this afternoon as it was quite exciting: ''holycrap dear lord! we're at the bakery, and someone delivered a package, a roadie, i think it was a sound engineer, openend the door, blue suv in front. 'ahh someone just came in, came out with the roadie loaded package into cxar and left, roadie ran back inside.. prob saw i was filming.... [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    8.39pm: Ok! They are rolling! kimchi text just said Hopkins is now on, undoubtedly boring them to sleep soon...... [thanks xxKels & Kimchi]


    8.02pm: My Kimchi and his friend are getting the Starbucks fix(Kimchi on phone to me now). He is going on inside to check everything out, says Chrissy is already in the house! [thanks xxKels & Kimchi]


    7.06pm: Kimchi says he has just met up with Chavi, who is not attending the show, but is present! [thanks xxKels & Kimchi]

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