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    [Live Updates] Coldplay @ O2 Arena, London, UK (16th December 2008)

    chrisballoon1.jpgMore exclusive Coldplaying live updates from London's O2 Arena in the UK, from those in the venue (and outside it) at the third and final of three consecutive Coldplay concerts tonight. Keep up-to-date with them all here onwards. Times are GMT (local time). So far, here's a summary (most recent first):


    11.07pm: And sadly its come round too fast. The end is here. What an incredible gig. Amazing atmosphere, great venue, and the best band in the world. Every single song was brilliant and the new songs stand up easily as good as the old ones. Thanks Chris, will, guy and johnny boy! You are quite simply the best! See you next year at wembley. [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    11.00pm: it's a mricale... you can hardly here me sing... [lit 2] [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    10.56pm: chris says tnx for coming but says bye bye i hear escapist[thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    10.55pm: WooHoo...."live- "oh love, dont let me down..." awww, and he actually let me hear Chris sing it this time, lol) [thanks Kimchi & xxKels]


    10.53pm: callerr! lit2 :D i'm recording but singing along too so soryy[thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    10.50pm: They're back and its The scientist [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    10.43pm: Wow Lij amazing! And i got a butterfly! Woo. Now its DAAHF. Don't leave yet people! [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    10.32pm: [this] should be jingle bells then [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]

    10.26pm: LOL they played jingle bells and wearing christmas hats! [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    10.25pm: Pete says now playing JINGLE BELLS!!!! [thanks Kimchi & xxKels]


    10.25pm: another call simon is going nuts on harmonica [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    10.20pm: simon pegg is talking... he says he's leaving the band after 2nite [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    10.19pm: C stage now! I wonder who it could be! Why it's simon pegg! And he's 9 years old! [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    10.17pm: Viva la vida was every bit as good as i knew it would be when i first heard it back in the summer. Just meant to be sung with 20, 000 people! Amazing! Oh and lost was good too! He he [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    10.10pm: in my place phone call yeah baby [thanks Kimchi & xxKels]


    10.09pm: talk and the hardest part [here] excuse our mushiness in the mddle there [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    10.07pm: LOL @ strictly come dancing comment! Its the hardest part now folks! Stripped back chris on the piano and harmonys by will amazing! [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    10.05pm: another call :D talk.. i love that remix. now time for the hardest part.... chris is talking, he said something funny cos i heard them laugh... [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    10.03pm: God put a smile with talk! Love it! My fiancee just said this should be called the halloween mix! [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    9.59pm: I recorded and am uploading now... edit it's already done [fix you dec 16th] [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    9.59pm: Strawberry swing! Fantastic - now we're on to b stage! What a great gig! Love it [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    9.50pm: oh dear here i go again.. fix you on the phone. i can hear chavi sing along to fix you .. [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    9.46pm: Chinese sleep chant into 42! Woo hoo [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    9.43pm: the crapy quality but fastes video EVERRRr... [coldplay violet hill o2 london 16 december 2008] [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    9.33pm: speed of sound on phone now [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    9.28pm: in my place phone call yeah baby [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    9.25pm: OMG chavi just send a video from violet hill I'm going to upload NOW [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


    9.11pm: Eek there's literally minutes left. We're in our seats, the warm ups are all done. Here we go! Jay z is playing- surely the boys will be next! [thanks rushofbloodUK via Opera Browser @ O2 Arena]


    8.13pm: chavi's in the high wire was on, is going to step outside for hpkins he's porb on by now. she saw some roadies today but didn't see the band come in as they were early.. according to security they did an extra soundcheck.. so new song maybe? [thanks Chavi & Carlaatje]


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