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    Make Trade Fair Competition

    maketradefair.jpg As you may be aware due the Coldplay’s active involvement, Make Trade Fair is a campaign by Oxfam International calling on governments, institutions, and multinational companies to change the rules so that trade can become part of the solution to poverty, not part of the problem.


    ‘Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair’, calls for anyone under the age of 30 [that's me out - ed.] to dream up a non-traditional campaign idea for Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair cause. The winning idea will then be brought to life on a global scale across non-traditional media channels with the support of some of the world’s greatest creative talent. It’s a chance for young people to make their mark and have their greatest ideas realised.


    Entries will be judged by over 60 of the world’s leading creative heavyweights in communication advertising, and new media today.

    The initiative has also gained the support of leading creative, production, new media and communication companies around the world.


    To enter the competition, see ideas or support the campaign, just visit the competition site here


    Source: Coldplay.com

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