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    March with Guy Berryman and Chris Martin!

    "We have a chance right now to send millions of girls to school for the first time. World leaders will decide this month if they should create a special fund that could close the global education gap. Can you show them how many of us believe all girls belong in school?"


    "Take the first step!

    Join Chris Martin & Guy Berryman of Coldplay and their team of marchers."


    Coldplay movement


    A wonderful movement, from Global Citizen, which Coldplay's lead singer is the curator of.


    To take part in this, visit Global Citizen's website and enter your e-mail address.


    The website will then ask you to take a video, following the steps below:


    Stand back from your computer and make sure you've got some space to move around. (Hint: see how far you can walk in 5 steps to make sure you have enough space!)


    Hit the record button in your browser and when you see the timer start, get in position.


    When the countdown hits 1, walk for a few steps in front of your camera. Be creative, serious, crazy...do a dance or show us your sign. The most important thing is to express yourself and be you!


    Review your march and hit confirm. Then hang tight while we make your video with Chris Martin & Guy Berryman of Coldplay.


    From how it appears, the video will feature you marching behind Chris and Guy!! It does seem to be experiencing technical difficulties though, so if it doesn't work for you, try a different browser or come back to it.


    We would like to give 3 fans a chance to feature on Coldplaying.com! If you're interested, simply post a video (via Youtube) on the forum link below and we'll select the most interesting ones (after asking for your permission) for Coldplayers around the world to see

    (Note - you may have to use screen recording software to capture your video)


    Discuss the movement / post your vids here!



    The Coldplaying app

    It's here!








    If you have the app already, please introduce yourself on the 'Say Hello!' section and remember to rate us on the Google Play/iTunes store :)

    Coldplay Live/Shows/Concerts/Setlists/Gigs 2015

    There are no Coldplay concerts scheduled so far. Coldplay will headline a 'Why Not People?' show, believed to be sometime this year.


    For 2015 live rumours & gossip, please check out our rumours section.

    Upcoming Coldplay Events

    No upcoming events within the next 30 days


    Check out our Coldplaying accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! (ENG)






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