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    McCulloch: Chris Needs To Get Drunk

    mcculloch.jpgChris Martin has been advised to stop sulking and start drinking by good friend Ian McCulloch - because it will lighten him up.


    Coldplay was left devastated by the acid response of US critics to his third album X&Y, who labelled Coldplay "the most insufferable band of the decade".


    And Echo And The Bunnymen star McCulloch [pictured left] urges his sensitive friend to join him on a drinking spree to toughen him up - a quality McCulloch believes is essential if Martin is to survive as a rock 'n' roll hero.


    He says, "It might do Chris good if he did sort himself out with a few drinks to take the edge off. It would do him good to relax. Chris says he's baffled by me because he doesn't understand how I can be an out-and-out rockstar - drinking and smoking and still playing music.


    "I think he knows you can't suddenly go off the rails. He's not a working-class lad so he'd have to become an actor to play the bevy (drinking) game."


    Source: contactmusic.com

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