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    Me And My New Pal Chris

    julessegal.jpgHaving Coldplay singer Chris Martin pop round to your flat to watch TV isn't something that happens to most people.


    But for Jules Segal, being with celebrities is becoming almost passé. He is on first-name terms with everyone from Cherie Blair to Jonathan Ross and a host of other famous names, including Lawrence Dallaglio, George Galloway, Charles Kennedy and Lord Kinnock.


    So far, the highlight of his hunt has been his unexpected meeting with Chris Martin. Mr Segal said: "Chris lives pretty near and a friend who works in music publishing passed on my letter. Apparently, Chris was really interested in the idea and likes these kind of silly bets, so he popped round on his way home. It was all very bizarre, especially as we then spotted the TV news coverage of the Thames whale, so we were sat round my kitchen table watching."And if anybody doubts that the 27-year-old publishing assistant from Belsize Park really is moving in such exalted circles - he has the photos. Mr Segal has set himself the task of being photographed with celebrities to raise money for the RNIB. His website is attracting thousands of visitors. It is the result of a bet with a friend. He must meet 100 out of 500 named celebrities within six months and prove it by posting a photo of each on the site.


    His rule is that each celebrity must be approached with a polite letter. He said: "I can't just wait outside a studio but I'm offering to meet them whenever and wherever is convenient at my own expense."


    So far, he has met 68 famous people but if he fails to hit the 100 target he will have to complete a series of forfeits, including cleaning his friend's house and buying him a satellite TV subscription. However, with only two weeks to go, Mr Segal is now coming to terms with the fact he will probably lose.


    He said: "Realistically, I'm not going to do this. I've already used all my holiday and money. It's cost me a fortune and my bank won't extend my overdraft."


    Mementos from each celebrity will be auctioned. Mr Segal said: "I've never done anything for charity and thought I should, so hopefully we can raise some money through the auction."



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