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    Milan Miracles to Dublin Dreams

    Wait a day or so on this 2017 European Tour and you miss a years' worth of Coldplay news. Milan gave us the first live airing of Miracles (Someone Special) featuring Big Sean on 7/4 while ALIENS landed on Apple (Music, not Martin!) 7/8. This past week has been head-spinning!


    Davide Rossi along with Apple and Moses were among the few appearances we saw onstage during Coldplay's Milan show. 9 Year-old Giacomo performed Don't Panic on harmonica alongside the band. Marriage proposals and dancing elephants onstage made Milan a hectic show for all that attended!


    Coldplay played their hits at Global Citizen Festival Hamburg and invited Shakira onstage to perform Me Enamore, Chantaje and Coldplay's very own Yellow. To finish the show, Herbert Grönemeyer invited Chris to perform Mensch with him. In total, Chris sang in three different languages that night!


    Sun shone on South America when Coldplay added Brazil and Argentina dates to the tour. You can check them out on our forums.


    In Dublin, Chris invited 29-year-old Rob to the stage to play the harmonica with him. The crowd parted as Rob was carried to the c-stage in his wheelchair and passed onto the stage where he performed an improvised tune about Dublin with his favourite band!


    Don't dare blink. You never know what beautiful moments you'll miss on this tour! What a wild ride since Parachutes debuted 17 years ago!


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