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    More Vancouver fan reviews: Coldplay at General Motors Place (21st June)

    magicball5.jpgHere is a selection of some more of the fan reviews and pictures from the second Coldplay concert at GM Place in Vancouver (21st June 2009):


    I went by myself last night, but I didn't let that stop me from having a lot of fun. I was on the floor, row 11, seat 8 - right at the corner of the Jonny ramp. So every time Chris or Jonny walked down the ramp, I was able to just step out a bit to take a photo. A few times however, I was tripping over when other people in my row wanted to get to the stage.


    I was the tall woman in the blue t-shirt. This time, I arrived just as Howling bells were starting. They did a good job with the energy, considering there were still a lot of empty seats at this point. Then snow patrol - awesome - the guitarist kept smiling at the audience. The people arriving next to me said they just bought their tickets that morning on ticket master. I was having problems with my camera, but got a few good shots.

    The security guard near me was very strict about not letting people take videos. I think it was during VivaLaVida when I was within a few feet of Chris. When yellow came on, I was having more fun playing with the balloons than watching the band. When LIT II came on, It was like heaven having all of those butterflies fall on me But I think my favourite parts where when Chris was at the piano. I saw one person getting a set list, so I immediately went over and asked for one too. It is from Winnepeg. What a truly amazing night - set list, butterflies, CD, program, Oxfam flyer, inches away from Chris and Jonny, balloon popping near me - and to make it a perfect night, got home quickly over the new Golden Ears Bridge!! [thanks BCfan]


    Just got back right now. Amazing concert. Setlist was same as last nights. We had pretty good seats, but when they came down to the B-stage, we were able to move right up to the stage and stand there so that was pretty cool. I was able to see Chris' beads of sweat all over his face. It was amazing .Got some very good shots of the boys. I think I saw Roadie#42, but he ignored me when I called him. Chris put on a chinese dragon costume during Lovers in Japan and then whipped out the umbrella near the end. All of them seemed very energetic. Guy looked at me for about 5-7 seconds and I nearly fainted. I got a video from about every song. The cell phone wave was really cool. Crowd was really loud. Chris ran straight to his car with his sweaty clothes on and everything. ( the security guard told me ). We were waiting outside for Will and Guy for a long time. I saw them quickly rush to their car while everyone was standing on the opposite side. [thanks Shaftell]


    Coldplay at GM Place, Vancouver (20th June 2009):
























    Pictures by by jelee unleashed @ flickr


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