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    MTV: No release date has been set for Coldplay's fifth album

    coldplaynme.jpgA Coldplay 'spokesperson' has rubbished the recent news that the fifth album was set for an October release, after the summer festival headline performances, according to MTV on Monday. They allege that the spokesperson has emailed them directly, saying there is no actual release date at all. Here is their article...


    You may already have an idea about what Coldplay's upcoming album is about — namely "love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you don't like" — but up until now, you probably had no idea when the still-untitled disc would be hitting stores. But when the band began lining up headlining dates on summer festivals (Glastonbury, T in the Park, etc.), fans interpreted that to mean that Coldplay were also readying their fifth full-length for release, meaning that a brand-new album should be only a few months away...

    Of course, that optimism was dashed when a well-informed member of Coldplay fansite Coldplaying.com posted that the album had been pushed back until October, writing, "I can confirm the change of plans in the Coldplay camp regarding the schedule[d] release of LP5, originally before summer. Hope people can wait until October."


    Given that this particular member had, in the past, seemed to have been privy to some top-secret Coldplay information (he/she claimed to have heard "Violet Hill," the first single off the band's Viva la Vida album, two weeks before the song premiered, and wrote about it in shockingly accurate terms to prove it), word of the October release quickly began spreading as chapter and verse amongst Coldplay fans. The only problem? According to a spokesperson for the band, there is no release date for Coldplay's new album, nor has there ever been one. "A release date has not yet been set for Coldplay's next studio album," that spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to MTV News.


    This doesn't tell us that the album won't be released in October - it merely states that is has not yet been officially announced. Let us know your immediate thoughts to this latest article at the Coldplay forum now. We'll publish some of the best comments here shortly...


    Recent pictures of Coldplay with fans at the Beehive (31st January - 3rd February 2011): [thanks to bRITAnka & fauo_1995]














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