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    Mylo Xyloto is officially finished! The deadline for completion has passed...

    myloxylotoalbum1_1.pngColdplay's Mylo Xyloto is still more than a month away (it hits stores first on October 24th), which means there was plenty of time to tinker with the songs that will make the final cut - until now. The deadline for completing the album has passed! Roadie #42 has just tweeted today: "Bumped into Rik Simpson. Tells me: "We finished the album at 2am". It's on this USB stick. Get ready folks! R42" Let us know your thoughts in the Mylo Xyloto sub-forum now... [thanks Contra4you & Zj23]


    Thursday - and again today - is when Coldplay were scheduled to begin rehearsals for a handful of shows leading up to the release of Mylo Xyloto. They'll headline the Austin City Limits festival on September 16th, hit the iHeart Radio Fest in Las Vegas and Atlanta's Music Midtown before heading to Brazil and South Africa for a handful of massive shows.

    Meanwhile, the media have picked up on the latest Roadie #42 blogs and decided to run with the theme of detailing the progression of a pair of new songs, Up In Flames and DLIBYH (which we think is likely an acronym for "Don't Let It Break Your Heart"). Typical article examples come from MTV, Gigwise and Idolator.


    The first, 'Up In Flames', was written before the band's appearance at the iTunes Festival in London in July. “Apparently, Chris had started the song the previous night, so it was less than 24 hours old at that point,” R42 wrote. “It was hypnotic in its simplicity, but devastatingly, achingly gorgeous. The final version has lost none of this and is a masterwork of restraint. It hasn’t been crammed with a million ideas and embellishments. Every part is there simply to enhance the emotional impact. I can only predict floods of tears in every quarter.”


    Next on the discussion table was 'DLIBYH', the actual title of which is cause for much speculation on the messageboards: “DLIBYH couldn’t possibly be heading in any more different a direction emotionally. It’s almost violently life affirming. I remember texting Phil during the Glastonbury rehearsals when they first played Charlie Brown in its live incarnation. I was amazed at how vast and invigorating it sounded. They’re going to blow the sodding walls out when they kick into this one tomorrow…”


    Your latest comments on the completion of Mylo Xyloto...


    Hey, i got a thought which is may totally wrong...but... Phil said in a earlier tweet "Paradise,Up in flames,Princess of China..lets get em out there"...now we got to know that in the upcoming festivals Paradise,Up in Flames and DLIBYH(!) will be performed...maybe a month ago it was meant to perform Princess of China but now they made an other choice....yeah its a bit confusing,but that was one of my first thoughts when i read the Roadie-Blog today...also i remember that Chris said in a former interview that there are "songs" which didnt fit as good as they thought they would fit into their live-sets,maybe one was Princess of China ?! On the other hand, is it a good sign for Princess of China to be on the album because they dont want to spoil that much of Mylo Xyloto and a bad sign for Up in flames and DLIBYH just to be performed in the upcoming festivals and maybe not be included on MX ?! [thanks Ronnie O Sullivan]


    EPIC. I really want to hear Up In Flames... sounds very intriguing. But really one of things I'm really interested to know is what song the album ends on. ETIAW is the favourite for that spot, but methinks MX could fade easily into the intro as well as Hurts Like Heaven does. I wonder how the 'story' will turn out... [thanks AmbroseCadwell]


    Now let's leak that shit ay? [thanks trinest]


    CONGRATULATIONS to the boys! Can't wait to hear the final product. After all, what Dave Holmes said in the Billboard interview was right and the deadline with EMI was today - September 9, 2011 - and they worked on it until the last minute. [thanks the_escapist]


    It's one thing after another. Some exciting news today about the album and people are still finding reasons to complain. 'WHY HAZ I NO TRACKLIST COLDPLAY HUH?' stfu and gtfo. [thanks Bonus_mosher]



    Mylo Xyloto is now on a stick...


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