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    Mylo Xyloto - the latest Coldplay title to be registered, according to PRS database

    myloxylotosc2b.jpgColdplay have registered the name, Mylo Xyloto (possible song or even album title?), according to the PRS database this week. It was found by a regsitered member of the database, who also happens to be a Coldplayer on the forum. It is also believed that the song 'Up With The BIrds', is another title that has been registered, and is also credited to Leonard Cohen as a co-writer, and contains samples. More discussion on this latest item is at the messageboard now. [thanks Spike, pansonic, Teco, rafaelchampion, JackZ, Gigi88, mycoldplaynet and everyone else who has contributed so far!]


    Commenting on the find, Spike said, "I'm a member of PRS and (as a member) you can search their online database of registered songs. I typed in Chris Martin and looked at all the newly registered work under 'Christopher Anthony John Martin' and a song called 'Mylo Xyloto' was registered on 6th July 2011!!! The writers registered for the song are all of Coldplay and Brian Eno. Wither they actually call the album Mylo Xyloto or not or that might be the lead single (maybe released on October 10th because the first letters of each word being MX). 'Up With The Birds' has also been registered and Leonard Cohen is listen as one of the co-writers. Apparently the song contains 'samples' but it doesn't state where the samples are from. Might be a Leonard Cohen song. I think this could be the next single as well, it's the only song they've registered the length of (apart from ETIAW) and it's 3.30 - perfect radio time. "

    Meanwhile, others have also contributed to the discussion, with ideas on the meanings of Mylo and Xylo. Your other theories are far to complex to go into discussion here, so it is worth checking out the whole thread - all the relevant posts so far are at the LP5 sub-forum now. Looking back at the ETIAW promo photographs taken several weeks ago, it appears that Mylo features in one of the images. JackZ: "Look behind Chris, people always thought that it said MX behind him but the X was cut off, but I always did think it had to say "MY" because it didnt look like an X to me, but now I notice the top of a letter behind him as well (possibly an L) and the O to the right."




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