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    MyloXyloto.com announcement expected Monday 5th December - flashing wristbands reveal domain is official

    glo80_1.jpgUPDATE! The website is now live - you can start discussing the site and its features at the Discuss the site at Mylo Xyloto sub-forum now!


    A new domain, myloxyloto.com, registered in 2009 and currently hosted through EMI, is expected to reveal something sometime during Monday 5th December (woah, that's today!) - and according to the early Mylo Xylotour live shows it may be related to the digital tourpacks that were being advertised in Glasgow and Manchester over the last 48 hours. You can read all the discussion (12 pages so far!) on this anticipated announcement at the Mylo Xyloto sub-forum now. Stereoboard explains more in an article published today:


    Coldplay have unveiled an innovative new accessory for fans who make their way to see the band on their December UK tour – as one of their roadie’s has designed radio controlled glow bands for attendees to wear in during the gigs. The new bands will be apparently be given to audience members for free, and glow in the dark in time to the music. The band have already tested them out at a show in Glasgow, and you can see a video of them working in spectacular fashion during a rendition of Charlie Brown.


    The wristbands also display a URL on the back – www.myloxyloto.com – which, when pasted into your browser, tells you to return on Monday 4th December (we’ll disregard the fact that it is indeed Monday 5th December today), meaning a special announcement or post is likely to be made later today. For now, check the video out of Charlie Brown being performed with the bands below. [Article Ends]

    See also: myloxyloto.com (the site for the digital tourpack? links to wristbands)

    See also: Coldplay Live Reviews, Photos and Setlist - MEN Arena, Manchester, UK (4th December 2011)

    See also: Coldplay Live Reviews, Photos and Setlist - SECC, Glasgow, UK (3 December 2011)



    Advertisement for the digital tourpacks, as seen at the MEN Arena in Manchester last night (4th December 2011)



    How about this for a stash of radio-controlled wristbands (4th December 2011)


    Kit yourself up for the forthcoming MX tour and get spotted with Coldplaying's new range of merchandise! [click on the items for the full shop]


    cpingshopdesigns1.png cpingshopdesigns2.png cpingshopdesigns3.png cpingshopdesigns4.png cpingshopdesigns5.png


    The new range of Coldplaying merchanise (unofficial of course to the official shop) has hit our stores, with our biggest range of goods so far. Prices are as low as they can be for a Cafepress shop so more people will be able to afford them. We don't take any profits for the sale of the merchandise as a result. Take a browse in one of the online stores nearest to you: UK | US | Canada | Australia | European (shipping is worldwide, but you can choose what currency to pay in) - simply alter the country dropdown menu at the top of the shop page. [thanks to TracieMorgan and zzz]


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