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    New Avicii Track, Featuring Chris Martin Slated By Fans

    'True Believer', a new Avicii track, featuring Coldplay's Chris Martin on guest vocals has finally landed but the reception from Coldplay fans was highly critical. One of the reactions from community member, Alisbe was:


    "First time I didn't finish listening to a song where Chris is singing. I even prefer Homecoming rather than this song and I have to say I don't like Kanye's music"


    While nvdmm is not planning to keep this track in their memory bank!


    "I'm actually lost for words on this! It's one of those pretend it never happened moments"


    However, Oldiefan did enjoy the song:


    Just listened to this after polishing off a bottle of Cava in the hot sunshine in my beautiful garden surrounded by wonderful Welsh hills....... quite enjoyed it actually - and giggled at the comments in this thread. Yea - the main voice sounds like someone just sucked on a helium balloon, but Chris was quietly, and beautifuly there in the background on the chorous - nice. Ahhh... leave the lad alone - if it makes him happy... let him get on with it. You go Chris !!!


    Most of the critisicm is directed towards the finished studio version, which wasn't rated as much



    The Swedish DJ's second studio album, 'Stories' is available to download from today.


    Here's the track at the center of discussion, 'True Believer':



    What do you think? One to forget or a great EDM tune?

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