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    New Coldplay Album To Have 'Different Sound' To X&Y

    x&y.jpgThe British alternative rock band Coldplay said on Sunday that it plans to return to the studio after a two-year hiatus to record an album that will have a different sound from "X&Y," which has sold more than 2 million copies since it was released in 2005. The new album features what Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin called a quintessential song that everybody should hear "before we die."


    In early December 2006, it was announced at Billboard.com that the next album was set for release in late 2007. The band has so far denied this on their official website.


    Coldplay is one of very few current British music acts to achieve major success in North America. Despite Coldplay's large worldwide popularity, the band has remained protective of how their music is used in the media, refusing its use for product endorsements. In the past, Coldplay turned down multi-million dollar contracts from Gatorade, Diet Coke, and Gap, who wanted to use the songs "Yellow", "Trouble", and "Don't Panic" respectively.


    The new studio album is rumoured to be a fast, dark and heavy album, without pianos, according to last fm.


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