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    New Coldplay Album Within 12 Months?

    coldplaywave1.jpgChris Martin is keen to release a new Coldplay album within the next twelve months.


    The singer has admitted that he wasn't satisfied with the quality of current album X&Y, and feels that the group were rushed into releasing it by EMI.


    "A lot of the songs we had written for X&Y didn't make it on to the final album and looking back at them now, they certainly should have done," Chris told the Daily Star.


    "By the time we had to pick what was and wasn't going on, it was very late in the day and a lot of the best songs have never been played since. It means X&Y wasn't as good as it could or should have been, I'm afraid. How You See The World is one of those songs. It will probably appear on an album next year with other ones that we left off."


    Source: digitalspy.co.uk

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