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    New Coldplay article in Q Magazine (Q302 - September 2011) - Laughing Boys

    laughingboysQSept2011.pngThe latest edition of Q Mazagine (Q302 - September 2011) is now on the shelves and there is a Hot List article on Coldplay entitled 'Laughing Boys'. You can see a screenshot of the article at the Coldplay forum now (scans to follow - hopefully!). According to the article, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall is confirmed for the album, which is described as a 'vibrant' record. Other 'confirmed' tracks include Hurts Like Heaven (likely single), Charlie Brown, Princess Of China, Us Against The World and Major Minus. UPDATE: Read the transcript of the article now! [thanks mimixxx]


    DigitalSpy are the first to write about the article. They focus on the Beehive (Coldplay's second studio, after the Bakery) and Coldplay's attempt at testing the material there with the aim of ensuring it translated well in an 'old village hall' environment. Here's their article:


    Coldplay drummer Will Champion has revealed that the band tested their new material in an old village hall. Will said that the group wanted to make sure the tracks translated well to a live setting. Speaking about their secret rehearsal space, The Beehive, Will told Q magazine: "It's like an old village hall. A big space where we can play together. Often when you're making an album you can become alienated from one another in a studio environment. The Beehive was a deliberate move to get us playing together so we could get a feel of how the songs would sound as a live band as we were recording, instead of waiting until the record was done and then going out on the road..."

    Will also confessed that the band will probably work on their new record right up until the last minute, saying: "We'll keep going until it literally has to leave to get mastered and pressed. They'll have to wrestle it out of our hands."


    Coldplay's fifth studio album is expected to be released on October 24. Frontman Chris Martin reportedly registered new song titles earlier this month, including one called 'Mylo Xyloto', which has since been speculated to be a contender for the new album's name.


    New photos of Coldplay - iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London, UK (22nd July, 2011):














    Images courtesy of Laura84 from the messageboard - click here for more photos!


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