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    New extended trailer for TV special, "Magic" on French TV and tomorrow's show in Cologne, Germany.

    Coldplay have just released an extended trailer on ITunes for the upcoming "Ghost Stories" TV special in May. This spectacular trailer features the live performance of Midnight and scenes from others songs played at the 3 secret shows in March such as Always in My Head where Chris is flying, strapped to a harness and the magical A Sky Full of Stars with star shaped confetti falling from the sky!


    The watch the video now, click on the following link for ITunes http://t.co/HQ4yJYbBvY


    Or log in to our multimedia forum where some kind members have alternative links available!



    (Thanks to RevolutiondDude on the forums for the above image)


    Earlier today, as planned in this week's events, Coldplay played live for Le Grand Journal on Canal+ on French television. Watch the performance of Magic, the only track the band played on the TV show below.



    Tomorrow (Friday 25th April) is the day of the first date in the Ghost Stories tour at Cologne in Germany.


    Fans wishing to meet up with other Coldplayers are on the day can do so from around 9am local time! Simply visit our Facebook page (I will make a post in the morning) and/or see this meet up thread on our forums. Its a community hosted event so chat between yourselves to keep your location updated and to keep meeting up during the day and evening.


    For those watching at home, links to listen are provided by hps on our forums. Please use the same thread for discussion on the day. Its going to be a good one folks!

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