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    New Songs Will Air For The First Time At Rearranged Tidal Concert On Saturday

    New songs from Coldplay's seventh album, 'A Head Full Of Dreams' (due for release in 13 days!) will air in public for the first time ever, at Coldplay's Rearranged Tidal concert, on Saturday 21st at 20:30 PT time.


    Coldplaying.com understands that the band are planning to perform four new songs at #TIDALXCOLDPLAY, which include the previously heard songs, 'Adventure Of A Lifetime' and 'Amazing Day', along with recent debutants, 'A Head Full Of Dreams' and 'Everglow' (more to follow). For full information, including times where you live and streaming links, please read this forum thread.


    The original Tidal show was of course postponed, after the terrible events in Paris last week. Instead, Coldplay performed a wonderful acoustic set in front of many grateful fans.


    We are looking forward to hearing new songs tomorrow night but it's not the first time the band have played 'A Head Full Of Dreams' and 'Everglow'. Coldplay appeared on the James Corden show for a special feature, which will be aired within a few weeks. A select few Coldplay fans were lucky enough to witness those songs being performed live for the first time.


    There's also the iHeartRadio Album Release Party from last night, which wasn't reported on due to being another pre-recording, scheduled for airing upon the album release. However, we do have little snippets from the secret show, such as these photos: (with thanks to @Coldplayatlas and Sydneymarkey on Instagram)


    Coldplay album release party




    And the much appreciated fan reviews from trojanchick99 and LFDianne respectively (Read the full reviews here):


    "Title track is uptempo with a big chorus. I preferred Adventure of a Lifetime, but then again I LOVE AOAL.


    Everglow was a piano ballad with an r&b beat. I really dug it."


    "They played AHFOD which I like even better, this was the 3rd time I've heard it - having heard them play it twice at James Corden. Will bangs the crap out of the drums, Jonny is totally rocking on it. Love it. ASFOS - awesome. Then Everglow. OMG. I'm in love. I absolutely loved it - it's a ballad, Chris plays piano the whole time. Beautiful."


    Our live blog will return once more, for the Tidal concert (hosted by KROQ). We'll see you there!


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