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    Flowing in the dark - New Xylobands revealed!

    Flowing in the Dark - New Xylobands revealed!


    It was a core part of Coldplay's Mylo Xylotour when they won the hearts of millions. It may be assumed to be part of history as Coldplay take a break from the gigantic stadiums they were so accustomed to touring in favour of smaller, intimate venues for their Ghost Stories show, such as the upcoming LA show at the Ace Hotel on 17th September but they are here to stay and seem certain to be involved in future groundbreaking Coldplay concerts!


    New Xylobands revealed

    (Photo with credit to 'Xylobands' Facebook page)


    Xylobands™, an invention from Regler Ltd were founded as a company by Jason Regler, who is a well known name among Coldplay fans as the inventor who brought us so many joyful scenes at concerts is working on new ideas with his team as they expand their Xyloband product to new heights.


    The new Xylobands (presumably at the testing phase) feature flowing lights which change colour rather than glowing or flashing in a set colour. Imagine the possibilities at Coldplay concerts! A sea of flowing lights across the stadium during 'Clocks' or a sudden barrage of lights at the start of 'Politik'. Fun times are coming! Watch the video (which features 'Magic') using the link below for their Facebook page...


    Link to Xylobands video on Facebook. Search 'Xylobands' on Facebook (7.7k likes) if you can't access the link. (credit to Linus for breaking the news earlier)


    That's not all either. The ambitious team have recently been experimenting with 3D printers and have managed to make a Xyloband from one!


    " data-width="350">


    I'm sure many of us (with Xylobands by the bedside!) will be pondering the future of these wonderful creations with much excitement!


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