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    News round-up: Coldplay de-throned from iTunes download record, Gary Barlow, Up In Flames (Joe Satriani)

    garybarlow.jpgSinger-songwriter and member of Take That, Gary Barlow, said he was perfectly happy working behind the scenes until he listened to Coldplay's hit debut Parachutes, according to The Sun. He said: "I spent years telling everyone around that I didn't want to be an artist again. I didn't sing for six or seven years. I seldom sang on demos and if I could get someone else to sing them I would, right until I heard the first Coldplay album... I thought for the first time, "I could see myself doing that again".'


    Barlow recently completed Take That's record-breaking Progress tour with Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen. Robbie Williams who rejoined the band to hit the road said recently his ego stopped him from returning to Take That full-time. He said: 'The gigs have been absolutely amazing - the best period of my career so far with those boys. Sharing it with somebody is much better than doing it by yourself, but then ego, want, need and a whole heap of other things kick in. And you start preparing for your own tour... and the other boys are going away for a bit and I don't really know what's on the cards with them. But we have to ride again, we have to - it's too much fun.'



    Meanwhile, Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaboration album 'Watch The Throne' has broken the record set by Coldplay for the most iTunes downloads of an album in its first week of release. The album, which was released last Monday (August 8), has been downloaded over 290,000 times, which passes the record set by the British stadium band for their fourth album 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'. That album was downloaded 282,000 times in its first week on sale. 'Watch The Throne' is expected to have sold out over 500,000 when its first formal US sales figures are released.


    Despite this record breaking start, the album failed to knock Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black' off the top of the UK albums chart on Sunday (August 14). 'Watch The Throne' charted at a respectable number three, behind Winehouse's second album and the continuing success story that is Adele's '21'. More on this news is at the Coldplay forum now [thanks Briggins]




    Finally, after all the Viva la Vida plagiarism claims in 2009, how ironic it is that Coldplay release a new song expected on Mylo Xyloto, entitled Up In Flames, which happens to be the title of a song already recorded by Joe Satriani. This is according to the ASCAP database. Of course, the two songs will be completely different, but this has sparked a number of comments on the messageboard, a few of which you can read below... [thanks coldpatrix]


    The first thing that came out of my mouth when i saw this thread was: ...are you f***ing me? I can't stand this guyy. Coldplay can't do anything without getting compared with him one way or another. I mean I don't mind it when they're compared to artists who actually HAVE a lot of talent like U2 or Radiohead. But this is ridiculous. He's a no-name cry-baby with an ego the size of the globe and has to attack Coldplay instead of letting the merits of his work get him recognized. When with this ever end? [thanks Fix42YellowClocks]


    Now, now. Let's not turn this joke into a "flame" war dead horse. But yeah, I wouldn't get to rilled up about this. It's just a coincidence. Both artists have talent, and to rip about either of them is kind of silly. [thanks Infogatherer]


    If the Coldplay Up In Flames has any resemblence to Satriani's one I'm sure he'll try and sue. I don't blame the guy, he's got to earn money somehow considering his music is incredibly boring and nobody buys it. [thanks Cleggy]


    I totally get the anamosity towards Satriani and the ill will directed at him but really people!? Satriani is regarded as one of the elite guitarists in the world and while he doesn't have the following that a band as successful as Coldplay has, he certainly holds his own in the market he targets. I mean Victor Wooten isn't the most common name in the world and doesn't have the Coldplay, Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin name to go with his own but he also is regarded as one of the best if not the best bass player in the world! I hope that Coldplay named 'Up In Flames' to get under Satriani's skin but that doesn't mean he is terrible. He is currently in a rather successful rock band, Chickenfoot, which I'm not particularly fond of but A LOT of people are. Their first record is Gold certified. Let's slow this hate-train down a bit. The guy is F'ing great at guitar and successful in his own right. I choose Coldplay over Satriani anyday, and most do as well. But he is still pretty damn good. His career certainly isn't "Up In Flames"... [thanks Xanderp15]


    More photos of Coldplay - Samsung AT&T Summer Krush Concert Series, Los Angeles (3rd August, 2011):
















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