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    No official video for 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' according to Debs Wild

    etiaw80.jpgThere will be no official video for Coldplay's new single 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' (ETIAW), according to Debs Wild (self-titled 'the link between band and fans') on Twitter this morning. In a response to Coldplayer alejolo, she simply replied "No video".


    Assuming there will not be a video, this throws into doubt whether ETIAW is actually the first official single from as-yet-untitled LP5, or whether the song will actually be on the album at all. The song is one that will be clearly comfortable in the festival environment, and may have simply be released for the festivals themselves. No official word has been given yet on how (or if) ETIAW fits into the album, although an article back in November 2010 suggested it may be the closing track, as it was on last night's setlist at Rock im Park festival, Germany.


    Up until this news, 64% of Coldplayers though ETIAW would make LP5, with 30% disagreeing, 6% unsure. After the jump are a selection of your thoughts from the Do you think 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' will be on LP5? thread in the ETIAW subforum...





    I think you may be right about ETIAW as not an official single because Debs mentioned on here twitter in a convo with @alejolo that a "song" will not be getting a video. Neither refer to the title of the song though so who knows... [thanks dpkekoa]


    I think nowadays singles are dropped months before a new album drops, just to test the waters and do any last minute tweaking in the album before it goes to press... but thats just my opinion. I would suspect sometime in the summer.. maybe mid to late June, or possibly the end of summer.. fall maybe? But that would seem to be too much time if they are playing at least 3-4 new songs at these gigs.. hmmm... I gotta think this one through... in the meantime I don't think ETIAW is the official 1st single. [thanks berrywoman]


    I think that it will be [on the album, but I think the people who think it won't also have valid points. I'd rather have this be a standalone, but in the context of the album I'm sure I'll like it at least a bit more. For some reason, when I hear singles alone I often end up feeling weird about them and/or disliking them. But when I hear them on the actual album, I see their merit. I'm just more of an album person, I guess. [thanks Keddie]


    Hrmm... I'm kinda torn on this one. On one hand, ETiaW was apparently a song originally on the list to be a LP5 song. It also has the graffiti-inspired artwork and carries themes of the White Rose Movement. But, isn't this album supposed to be 'more stripped down, acoustic and intimate'? ETiaW certainly isn't any of those things, as it sounds like more like a one-time summer hit to be played at festivals and maybe concert openings. Also, I find it very suspicious that the guys haven't given us the title for LP5--I believe we knew about VLVoDaaHF as a title before Violet Hill was released. And another thing--I heard that ETiaW is supposedly an album closer, but to me it sure doesn't sound like one. Maybe an intro track, but not a closer by any means. I'm going to have to say most likely not, but I suppose it could be... [thanks ColdplayingfromKansas]


    Off topic: I think it's great, actually, that they've released a song not everyone goes CRAAZY about. It shows that they're creating new stuff, and that they aren't afraid of producing things that won't associate to their previous material.

    In the end, that is what makes Coldplay Coldplay; they never stop evolving. OnTopic: Judging from the comments on WikiColdplay, "Further to the November 2010 Q article revealing the inspiration behind Coldplay's fifth album being old school American graffiti and anti-Nazi movements, Chris Martin spoke to The Sun about some of the tracks within said album." it sounds to me as this song fits in pretty good. [thanks trimp]


    I would think that the song would be on the new album BUT if that is case, why haven't they announced the song as the first single of their upcoming album? This makes me think it might not be on LP5. Either way I love ETIAW! I have been listening to it nonstop! [thanks Ultravioletlight25]


    The Pierces said that they scrapped the first attempt at LP5 and started again, but they recently started reworking some of the scrapped songs to fit the current album. This gives the impression that the original plan was to make a stripped down album recorded in a church but they've moved on from that idea. Bear in mind Chris talked about the acoustic idea 2 years ago. A lot could have changed since then. There were also reports a few months ago about Will wanting to do a rave/dance album, and if ETIAW is anything to go by then that's the sort of thing that they're going for. [thanks Cleggy]


    The Pierces said nothing of the sort and have been misquoted by The Gaurdian. The song they performed on was scrapped but not the whole sessions. I'm not certain if this song will be on the album. It's strange they'd choose an album closer for a lead single. Maybe a one off single or a selling point for a future greatest hits/singles album. Who knows! [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    Truth told, the compact swell of 'Every Teardrop' doesn’t even sound so much like a comeback single as it does a concert opener, something to announce the band’s presence before delving into the real hits. [via popdust.com]


    Ok. What about other 6 new songs? They won't be on LP5 either? Or Teardrop is only a b-side single, which actually ended private gig. And it was told before Waterdrop would be closing track in LP5. The cover art has graffiti. And LP5 was inspired by graffiti. So in the end it wouldn't be on LP5? Weird. [thanks Odvan]


    Will said: "We're about to play a bunch of summer festivals so it's as good a time as any to put out a new song." A good time could be a LP release. A good time could be Christmas. A good time could be an anniversary. And also, as Will said, a good time could be the summer and its festivals. So I think that ETIAW won't be in the LP5 album. [thanks atmjesus]


    At first I was assuming that it would be on LP5, but as I was listening to the song this morning the thought popped into my head that maybe it won't be on the album. It seems very festival-y and summery, perfect for their festival tour this summer. Also I thought they said (though this was a while back so it could have changed) that this album would be more acoustic and stripped down, so this just wouldn't seem to fit if that was the case. I guess we'll just have to wait and see! [thanks Technicolor Sparks]


    So does anyone know how far off the album is? Is it really actually DONE? Have they settled on the final track listing? Cuz if they haven't, then perhaps they're just testing the waters with this track, and they have time to leave it off the album if the reception's not so good. The fact that they haven't said anything about it being on LP5 or even announcing LP5's name and release date makes me wonder what they're up to. [thanks Pai]


    I think it depends on how far off the album is. If it's still a few months away and the band thinks that the song has failed in any way (keep in mind I like the song) then they could decide to drop it from the tracklisting and write it off as a one off single. Even if they could though I'm not sure they would do this. If they are in the stages where the album is already being manufactured then it is, of course, too late for any such changes. As of now I am thinking it will be... [thanks oldmuckers]


    I really liked the song. It is amazing. But I think it won't be in the album. Take into account that they have never mentioned the album when referring to the song. And I think this will be a unique song for its style. Therefore, it won't be part of LP5. [thanks the_escapist]


    Theres really no reason to believe this is a one off. They're done with LP5, said it was going to be on the album, so yeah, it definitely is. [thanks JackZ]


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