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    Official site offers American apology Over US Club Tour Tickets

    "We are really sorry to everyone who hasn't managed to get the tickets they wanted for the US Club tour.


    The venues for each show are very very small and to make sure that coldplay.com fans had the first chance of getting tickets we wanted to offer them to all registered fans first.


    Even though we only did this however there was still a huge demand on the tickets from the start and we know that a lot of people didn't get a chance before they were sold out. Some venues sold out in just over 15 mins, quicker than we had thought.Our email system sent out the advance warning email to all registered members yesterday, but we didn't realise until this morning that it was going so slowly and thus that is why some people will have got their notification later than others. To rectify this we sent out over 2,000 manual emails this afternoon to people on the site as you probably saw from the news article and we tried to make sure everyone got a fair go at getting them, I'm sorry if you didn't.


    We will be offering an exclusive % of tickets again to all cp.com registered users a lot more in advance for the much bigger September shows so hopefully this will help anyone who didn't get to these small shows. Sorry for the Inconvenience"


    Some tickets for the Minneapolis show on August 14th are still available.


    If you want to purchase any of these online then you can do so by clicking here

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