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    'On My Way Home' not recorded by Coldplay

    Not coldplay

    'On My Way Home', a new song title, thought to be a new Coldplay song, with possible inclusion on Rihanna's upcoming soundtrack or even the next Coldplay album has been recorded by an urban group called PENTATONIX.


    The song has Coldplay listed as writers but it's believed to be for the lyrics within PENTATONIX's song, "lights go down" which is included on Coldplay's song, Charlie Brown (Thanks Coldplayzone.it). So our favourite band, at least, are receiving royalties for that portion of lyrics. The picture listed below includes multiple writers from PENTATONIX, connecting the two together.


    Coldplay credit


    If you were on Twitter earlier today, you may of seen a giant Coldplay fanpage conversation, as we were all confused when the news was originally posted by @AwardChris and @Coldplayatlas but we now have a likely explanation, show above.


    On My Way Home has most likely being consigned to the dustbin of possible Coldplay song titles but with so many possiblities for the band's next album, A Head Full Of Dreams, we still wouldn't rule the title out completely....



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