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    Online Reviews of Coldplay's New Video: 'Life In Technicolor ii'

    litvidthmb.jpgSince yesterday's exclusive release of Coldplay's new video for 'Life In Technicolor ii', blogs and media sources have watched and inwardly digested the puppet video and posted online reviews. Here are a few picks:


    Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that the new Coldplay video for Life In Technicolor II is pretty great. The video makes for the coolest puppet show ever. We love the sound guy (er, puppet) manning the boards over at the snack table. The puppet show performance is complete with rock star indulgence (a toy helicopter picking up the band) and a "throw out" of the drumsticks to the room's biggest fan - the little girl in class with the "Playin' It Cool" Coldplay book. [mog.com]


    As previewed, Coldplay have made a video for "Life In Technicolor II" that takes place in an elementary school classroom and stars puppets where the Coldplay would be, and also where the hammer dulcimer and tabla playing intro musicians would be. Sadly no puppet Eno, but no matter; the real stars are the school kids reacting confused and passing around the crowd surfing Martin doll. Aww! Bona fide bulletproof, check your sniping at the door, kids are cute and super snark shields. Class dismissed. [blogdig.net]

    Directed by Dougal Wilson, the video for the English outfit’s latest single, “Life in Technicolor II”, is for a lack of better words, a puppet show. Set in a school in front of young children - after all, where else would you see a puppet show these days? - the video sees said children being entertained by some lame ass, run-of-the mill story about kings and dragons. Fortunately, for reasons still unknown, Jonny Buckland soon enters in puppet form, with two, yes two, accompanying Indian bongo players - again, why this is the case is the million dollar question. Within seconds, the rest of “puppetized” Coldplay takes the stage and then, well the fun really starts. The stage expands, Chris Martin starts doing back flips, and the audience - of real people - though shell shocked, still manages to find time to eat cupcakes and videotape. Oh yeah, and to end the performance, the stage explodes and the band boards a puppet sized helicopter. Seriously folks, you can’t make this stuff up! I’m not sure whether to be frighted or rolling on the floor laughter. Whatever the case, this video is a must see… [consequenceofsound.net]


    Coldplay's video for Life In Technicolor ii is now on YouTube! Watch the exclusive video that aired yesterday on UK's 4Music here and you can find download links here [thanks Lore & sebile]

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