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    Parachutes Follow Up Nearly Finished

    Coldplay are just weeks away from finishing the much anticipated follow up to their 2000 debut 'Parachutes', they have revealed.


    The band, who plan to release the album later on this year, have finished recording and are now on the mixing stage of the final tracks, according to Phil Harvey their manager.


    On the band's official website, he said: "The recording is all finished so at least we know we've got the songs. Now it's a question of doing the recordings justice by mixing them properly." "Mixing a track can take anything between a couple of hours to six weeks (as has been the case on a couple of songs this time around). To a musical philistine like myself, the process appears to consist of playing a track hundreds and hundreds of times over and over again until you feel like you couldn't possibly listen to it ever again.


    "Of course, this is nonsense. Mixing is an absolutely crucial part of making an album and is incredibly hard to do well. This time around producer Ken Nelson and the band have decided to do it themselves and are proving to be as adept at knob twiddling as they are at everything else."


    He added: "I won't degrade the work they've done by hyping it in my journal but basically, it's fucking good."

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