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    Pictures: Chris Martin opens the Kids Company Charity Auction (12th November 2009)

    20091112cmmr7a.jpgInternet sources reported on Chris Martin's attendance at the Kids Company charity designer fashion sale called 'Gladrags and Handbags' at the Music Room in London last night, which you can discuss and see more pictures at the Coldplay forum. Other pictures are after the jump also. As we reported recently, Coldplay have donated £1million to the South London charity Kids Company, which provides practical and emotional support to children who come from deprived families in the city. [thanks mimixxx]


    The band's donation will help fund the opening of a new centre in Camden, a place where individuals searching for flats to rent in Camden might want to get involved with through volunteer work. A spokeswoman for Kids Company said: "Coldplay were inspired by the work they saw so decided to make this donation."

    Kids Company, founded by Camila Batmanghelidjh, provides emotional and practical support to children from deprived families in the capital. Coldplay will help fund the opening of a new centre in Camden, plus they have offered to give free music lessons to the kids. Coldplay have, however, been trying to downplay their donation and didn't inform the press about their kind-hearted gesture or make any mention of it on their official website.


    On Chris's attendance, Holy Moly for example reported online today with an article and pictures with headings entitled 'Chris Martin needs a macrobiotic pie - QUICKLY' and 'God Put a Ryvita Upon Your Face', saying: "Chris Martin from Coldplay looks as though he has finally succumbed to wife Gwyneth's mental diets. How else could he be looking so thin all of a sudden?"


    They go on to say that, "Here he is at the charity designer fashion sale 'Gladrags and Handbags' thing in London last night. He certainly appears to have laid off the pies and gone for some other form of nourishment to keep the weight down. Mysterious. He seems to have contracted the same staring, shocked look that Robbie Williams was sporting last night and on the X Factor too. It would be churlish of me not to mention the fucking lunatic he's stood next to wouldn't it? Her name is Camilla Batmanghelidjh. It had to be really didn't it? Tek me length Gal...".


    Typical Holy Moly charity article!


















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