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    Pictures: Chris Martin plays the Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA (24th October 2009)

    20091024bsb6a.jpgChris Martin once again played without Coldplay in the US last night, this time at previously announced 2009 Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA. Alongside, was Davide Rossi, the violinist influential during the Viva era. Davide tweeted after the show, saying, "Me and Chris rocked the Bridge School... amazing experience and dulcis in fundo jamming at the end with Neil Young... what a night!"


    Sporting a beanie hat and red t-shirt, and back up with violin from Davide Rossi, Chris played Clocks, Lost?, Yellow, My Love Will Not Let You Down (Bruce Springsteen cover), Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag, Viva la Vida and Earth Angel (The Penguins cover). There is lots more discussion on this new Chris Martin performance including fan reviews, photos and some new videos at the Coldplay forum here onwards. [thanks SueDeNimes, Italian Plastic, Svenky, clisaj, Mimixxx, Jayzo, maria_shiver, ling333, polkahard, and all other contributors]


    I was there tonight! Just got back not too long ago, actually. That setlist looks just about right. I was hoping he'd play for longer. He did some instrumental piece before Clocks, but I'm not quite sure what it was. It had tinges of Amazing Grace to it, but it was excellent...

    I might be a little biased, but I think Chris was easily the best of the evening. He really filled the whole space with just him and his piano and Davide Rossi backing him up was just incredible--especially on Viva la Vida. He was one of the few performers who I think really took the acoustic bit to heart and it showed. Chris was his usual funny self, making fun of his own striped hat and saying he was dressed like a hobo. His microphone fell off the stand during the second chorus of VLV and he looked slightly terrified. The Springsteen cover was unbelievable (if extraordinarily obscure) and I am absolutely psyched to have gotten to hear Lost? live. Earth Angel was just ridiculous though, really brought the house down. A kind of surreal moment to have Chris Martin lead this acoustic singalong of Earth Angel.


    In terms of the other performers tonight, Jimmy Buffett and Fleet Foxes were some of the other highlights. Monsters of Folk and Sheryl Crow were both quite good as well. No Doubt was underwhelming, but Gwen Stefani looked INCREDIBLE. Not a Wolfmother fan, but they were alright as well. Neil Young is just on another planet musically. Hugely enjoyable. I was psyched to see him. [thanks polkahard]


    Coldplay's Chris Martin was in a particularly playful mood for his band-less set at the first of this weekend's two Bridge School Benefit Concerts on Saturday. Martin, dressed ultra casual in jeans, a T-shirt and black-and-white-striped stocking cap, said, "A lot of people are probably wondering, 'Why is that guy wearing such a stupid hat?' "It's proof that now matter how rich and famous you become, it doesn't matter: You still can't shave your own head. Especially when you've got two major concerts to do two days later."


    He never did remove it, leaving fans to guess whether he was teasing them. His set started with an instrumental version of Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" that sounded as though it were born somewhere between the fun house and the madhouse. From there, he and his violinist pal Davide Rossi touched on Coldplay signature tunes including "Clocks," "Yellow" and "Viva La Vida" before wrapping up with a delightfully loopy sing-along of the Penguins' '50s doo-wop hit, "Earth Angel." Corny as it might sound, it was one of those uniquely touching moments that likely will be etched for years to come in the memories of those who were here. [via: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com]


    The good times kept on rolling as Chris Martin took the stage and, taking his place at the piano, proceeded to knock out mesmerizing takes on the Coldplay hits “Yellow,” “Clocks” and “Viva la Vida.” Yet, he faltered as he approached the finish line, closing his set with a questionable cover of the doo-wop ditty “Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine).” [via: http://blogs.mercurynews.com]


    In stepping away from Coldplay for the weekend, Martin managed to be inspiring and playful. He opened with an instrumental version of Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" born somewhere between the funhouse and the madhouse. From there he touched on Coldplay signature tunes including "Clocks," "Yellow" and "Viva La Vida," finishing with a delightfully loopy singalong of the Penguins' doo-wop hit "Earth Angel" that turned into one of those inexplicably touching moments that likely will be etched forever in the memory of those who were there. [further review via http://latimesblogs.latimes.com]


    New pictures of Chris Martin at the 2009 Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA (24th October 2009):






































    More pictures of the event can be found at Getty Images now.




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