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    Poll results: 42% of Coldplayers correctly predict new single before festivals

    festival.jpgLast week we opened up a new poll asking you when you thought we might hear a new single from Coldplay - before, during or after the forthcoming festivals. It was quickly apparent that we were likely to be heading for some news on a single release before Coldplay's first festival appearance in Germany at the weekend.


    We had well over 1100 votes in before the announcement and now we know what the answer really is we wanted to share the results with you: 42% of you thought correctly that we would hear new music either before the festivals, and a further 34% thought we would hear something during the tour. Today it was confirmed that the first streaming of Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall will be followed up by a live version at the Rock Im Park in Nürnberg, Germany on Friday.



    In our next poll we want to know whether you will be taking time off school/work in order to listen to the first playing of Coldplay's next single, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall? Find out what your fellow Coldplayers intend to do this coming Friday at 12pm (BST)...


    Luckily enough my lectures have finished this week, so I will be in here revising. I will skive of revision to listen to it though. (To be honest, I would take any excuse). [thanks Nattatouille]


    Hell yeah! making pancakes and dancing in my jammies! [thanks Christa42]


    No way in hell am I waking up at 3am (when the single will be played here), so hopefully it will die down before I wake up. I'm not staying up until 3am either, since if I do, I won't be able to sleep quickly after listening to the single. [thanks Corkus]


    I have classes 3 hours before the release so I just have to wake up very early (fucking painful for me) [thanks JM-SP2]


    I'm off this Friday. I have an electrician coming to the house to wire up some surround speakers. Hope he likes Coldplay. [thanks Danny Boy]


    It comes out before I leave for school so I don't need to, plus most of my classes at this point don't involve anything but listening to my iPod now since exams are next week. [thanks JackZ]


    I've already got Friday booked off work :P [thanks David]


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