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    Pre-order 'Life In Technicolor ii' on 7-inch Vinyl

    LITii2a.jpgYou can now pre-order Life In Technicolor ii on 7-inch vinyl - reserve your copy new. Here's Anchorman at the official site with more information:


    You can now pre-order your 7-inch vinyl copy of Coldplay's next single, Life In Technicolor ii, from HMV's website. Click here to pre-order it for £2.99 inc free UK delivery. You can get it from overseas too - it looks like delivery is £2.50 to Europe and £4.50 to America; just click on "Manually enter address" when you order.


    Coldplay were earlier pleased to announce that Life In Technicolor ii would be Coldplay's next UK single. The track will be released on 7-inch vinyl and digital bundle on Monday February 2nd. The B-side of the 7-inch will be The Goldrush, a song which is previously unheard, unreleased and unperformed. As well as that track, the digital bundle will contain Life In Technicolor ii (Live @ The O2, London).

    The expected release date for this is 2nd February 2009. Will Champion will apparently take lead vocals on The Goldrush, similar to Death Will Never Conquer. For a time, the two songs were mistakenly thought to be the same as each other, probably due to Will's vocal contribution.


    The lyrics to the song are included in the programme for the Viva La Vida Tour alongside the rest of the album's songs, indicating that The Goldrush was expected to become a live staple at future concerts. The Goldrush was originally supposed to by given away during the recent UK tour, but this didn't materialise. Chris Martin said: "We're also hoping to do this thing where we give away a song with every ticket. We have this song called The Goldrush, which Will sings. We want to play it as part of the show, so we'd like to give it away with the ticket. That way the only people that know that song will be the people coming to the concerts."


    More details on the pending release of 'The Goldrush' at the Coldplay forum here [thanks Fer_Hiperfine]


    Here is the tracklisting:


    Side 1:

    1. Life In Technicolor ii

    Side 2:

    2. The Goldrush


    The lyrics are:


    I went digging for gold

    Down by the river

    Over by the mountain

    Where the prospektor had been told

    I'm marching through the cold

    We're marching through the cold

    I went digging for gold

    I went down with my brother

    A bucket and a shovel and a book about the colour of coal

    I'm marching through the cold

    We're marching through the cold

    There's a tiny little crackle on the telephone line

    Saying what use the metal if the metal don't shine?

    She said bring me back a diamond/ring 'cause I really want one

    Now I been digging so long that I never see the sun


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