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    [Q Magazine] New Information on Coldplay's New Album | Hypnosis | Mixing Completed

    chrisballoon1.jpgThe Q Magazine that we reported about earlier is now on the shelves and contains some more information on the new album that we didn't already know. The new release date is likely to be May/June 2008. For those of you unable to buy it, we have picked a few bits out;


    Another thing that helped them out of the rut was hypnosis, with the band's new found adventurousness extending to writing music while in an altered state. Some might conclude they've misplaced their marbles, but Martin seems unconcerned. "Everything over this past few months has been about taking off any shackles," he says. "We feel like we have so much to prove and so many ideas that we'd like to try - sometimes you need a hypnotist to give you the bravery to do it." For the record, he insists the experience, "was fun and interesting, and we wrote some nice things."


    'They've also tried to keep things brief, with the album designed to come in at 9 songs and just over 42 minutes.'


    'The final nine songs will be chosen from a shortlist of 20, with mixing having been completed before Christmas. Favourites include the handclap-laden possible first single Cemeteries Of London, the string-assisted Yes! and Lost!, which, according to Will Champion was "drastically" reinvented by ditching its "big hip-hop beat".


    Will Champion also says many of the songs share a theme: "Trying to remember what's important in your life, rather than being carried away by the trappings of other things."


    We'll hopefully have scans up on the site in the not too distant future. More on the Q Coldplay article here [thanks chris1_36]

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