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    [Reminder] Coldplay, A-Ha and Mew members form Apparatjik (new single today)

    guyberryman2008a.jpgUPDATE: Electric Eye is now available via http://apparatjik.com/scrambled/


    Coldplay may be on a 'break', but you may have heard by now that bassist Guy Berryman has emerged with a side project: Apparatjik.com (which will probably be pronounced incorrectly every single time), which plans to move swiftly — the band has already e-mailed its first song to select fans and is aiming to release its debut album very soon. Furthermore, the new single 'Electric Eye' is available from today (November 30). Some break.


    With a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen on guitar, Mew’s Jonas Bjerre on vocals and Guy Berryman on bass, Apparatjik will release its song 'Electric Eye', the first single from their debut album, today (November 30th) via their website. Last week's links to a one minute sample of the song are still available now. The band has also contributed a very Coldplay-esque song, 'Ferreting' to the soundtrack for the BBC's Amazon documentary.


    Coldplaying has been in contact with Apparatjik's design agency who are working with Guy Berryman et al ahead of the upcoming releases. If and when we get exclusive insights from the Aspire Design studios, as we have been promised, we will of course let you know!

    Back to Apparatjik, or at least the forming of, as Spinner noted, Chris Martin — not Guy Berryman — seemed to be the Coldplay member with the A-ha fixation. Chris has always credited the 1980s Norwegian pop outfit for inspiring him to form his own band. But either way, it will be fun to see the Norwegian influence (and the Danish influence!) on the Coldplay template.


    As for the other Coldplay members' plans during their hiatus? They’re apparently using their time off to actually relax as opposed to gunning on their own side projects. Sort of. Chris Martin will be visiting Springfield and possibly the courthouse, while drummer Will Champion is experimenting with electronic rhythms. And Jonny Buckland just got hitched to his longtime partner. Sounds like a fun break to us, especially after a grueling world tour.


    Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has always credited 1980s Norwegian pop band A-Ha for inspiring him to form his own band, but it's Martin's bandmate who is actually making music with a member of the 'Take On Me' troupe. Bassist Guy Berryman has teamed with the Scandinavian group's keyboardist Magne Furuholmen and their producer Martin Terefe, along with Mew frontman Jonas Bjerre, to form a new project known as Apparatjik.


    Discussion on Apparatjik is now available at the Coldplay forum here and here at the World of Music forum. If you consider yourself a diehard Apparatjik fan already why not take a look at the first ever fansite entitled Apparatchick now. [thanks iriden, squareone13, ImLovingGuyBerryman & robmatt66]


    Here are some previous Coldplayer comments so far on the preview of Electric Eye:


    lines-1-1-1.pngThose of you who submitted a story to the eyeoncommittee should have received an email today giving you an exclusive preview of the latest Apparatjik track. The track called Electric Eye, with be available to all on 30th November. The EyeOn Committee has decided to give everyone who has submitted a synopsis access to a track from the upcoming Apparatjik album. You are one of only 30 people to own this track. Spread the word and the Committee will make an extended version of the track available to all as a free download through www.apparatjik.com on November 30th. Please enjoy your new Electric Eye. [via Electric Eye]


    A new song from Apparatjik has been sent to the 30 people who submitted their synopsis of the 4 videos in their website. It's a track from their forthcoming (but no one knows when) album and it's called Electric Eye. I'm not gonna post the entire song, since it was given to those who've been creative and participative to their project, it's just a 1 minute sample, which I hope is gonna make you want to listen more. If that's the case, you can have the whole song by submitting your synopsis or you can wait 'till November 30th when they will it make available on their website. Some of us decided to give people the chance to listen to a sample of this song (I posted it in MM), to try and convince people to keep sending them the synopsis (the stories linking the videos) and promoting them in general, since we've been asked to spread the word. [thanks iriden]


    Checked out a few tracks by them - very unconventional but great stuff indeed. A few crazy, independent and shoegazing elements in it. I love the way they apply the instruments. Sorry for the annoying comparison - but to me it kinda sounds like the very early Coldplay style - just Chris' classical songwriting is missing. I'm looking forward to their new tracks. I think Guy had a lot of influence on Coldplay's style from the beginning on. And you can still hear this unique style on almost every Coldplay track. I always wondered which one of the bandmembers is responsible for it - now I think I have a clue and Guy has one more fan. This kind of style brings the edges to Coldplay's music and that's exactly the part of their music that attracted me, all this mystery and the profundity in their songs. I hope it will not get lost along the way because a few steps have already been taken with the last two albums (though not that much with Viva). That's why I am always saying that Chris is nothing without his band members. Please calm down now - I do not mean it as an offence but I think Chris had a tendency to triviality in his songwriting in the recent years, for example more simple song structures. Don't punch me, I said it's just a tendence - I still love Chris and all his great abilities - without him Coldplay could never exist and he's the one who keeps them all together. Nevertheless he's not Mr. Coldplay and in all our admiration for him we should not forget that Johnny, Will and Guy also have a great impact on the music that we love. I hope they will never split because they only function as a unity. [thanks Sparks22]


    I'm sure this is Guy. Had a listen to the Terefe/Whitecross stuff, and found that the same guy singing on "4 Can Keep a Secret" (an Apparatjik clip on Youtube) is singing on that record as well...i.e Martin. And it's neither Jonas or Mags either. So it must be Guy! [thanks robmatt66]


    Wow...amazing track! Cant wait to hear the rest of it! And that is definately Guy singing. The other three are scandinavian, and judging on the accent that must be him. And 110% sure it's not Mags or Jonas. [thanks Ribbledox]


    Thx Guy for influencing the band in such a great way! On the south bank show, there is a moment where Guy, Will and J are listenning stuff in the studio and I thought it sounded like Apparatjik's stuff. Plus, I've said it elsewhere but the Exhibition room on Coldplay.com is a copy-cat of the 'Uploader' on Apparatjik.com... [thanks a-chan]


    I think its Mags, not Guy. Personally, I don't think it sounds anything like Guy's regular speaking voice or have a Scottish accent, but it definitely has a resemblance to Mags' voice on "Past Perfect Present Tense". [thanks yeahhright]




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