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    [Reviews & Pictures] Coldplay @ Isle Of Wight Festival

    iowfest2.jpg‘Thank you everyone for waiting for us’ are Chris Martin’s first words to the already fired-up Nokia Isle of Wight Festival revellers. Clearly, most people are actually here to see this English world-wide sensation anyway. But Chris and the other members in Coldplay don’t care. They know where they’re from and they also know who got them where they are right now; at the pinnacle of musical superstardom.


    This is the culmination of three days of music in the sun – a festival experience you normally wouldn’t dare dream of in this country. No mud, no rain, lots of lobster-tinged punters who didn’t think suncream was a staple for a festival over here.


    There’s no big fuss. Coldplay take to he stage, the audience is ready – flags bearing the band’s latest album’s title, ‘X&Y’ are being held up and pig and horse shaped balloons floating are off into the near night sky. And the odd inflatable ‘air guitar’, too. If you can spot a pair of available shoulders, now is the time to claim them and salute the boys on stage.


    Read all the reviews here and pictures here

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