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    Richard Ashcroft and Michael & Emily Eavis talk about Coldplay in new interviews

    richardashcroft3.jpgFormer frontman for The Verve, Richard Ashcroft has been talking in an interview to The National today about Chris Martin and Coldplay in general, ahead of his most ambitious musical reinvention yet, RPA & the United Nations of Sound. Below is what they said in the online article... [thanks mimixxx]


    A more unlikely celebrity friend, perhaps, is Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who introduced Ashcroft as "the best singer in the world" when they performed The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony together at the Live8 mega-show in London five summers ago.


    Ashcroft has also toured with Coldplay, and does not share the disdain that some rockers show towards Martin’s wholesome, family-friendly image. "His drive is immense," the singer says. "If Chris was an athlete he’d be a gold-medal winner, seriously. People underestimate him. As a songsmith, he’s a great writer of songs that people want to stand and sing back to him. All I can say is I’ve toured with the guys, and all of them individually have been really nice towards me, my wife, my family, my kids. I can only go on a human level. I think they are a much less homogenised thing than a lot of bands."

    Meanwhile, Glastonbury organisers Michael and Emily Eavis have been speaking in a video interview to NME about Coldplay's headlining slot in 2002 and how important the band are to the festival. Links to the the Coldplay-related videos along with a descrption are below...


    1) Michael Eavis reveals how The Strokes pulled out of the Pilton Party village fundraiser, which led to Coldplay's Chris Martin stepping in and subsequently headlining the fest. Plus Emily on the time Neil Young stopped his bus to photograph the site... here


    2) The festival organisers try to decide on their favourite headline act from after the millenium, and narrow it down to Coldplay, David Bowie and Jay-Z... here


    New photo of Jonny Buckland in Electric Lady studios in New York City (7th July 2010)

    Jonny Buckland with brand new E-1 Moog guitar delivered to them at Electric Lady studios, NYC... [thanks mimixxx & vanessa]




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