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    [Round-up] Chris Martin talks Eno, Football, Arcade Fire & Glastonbury

    chrismartin6.jpgColdplay have confirmed Brian Eno is working on their next album.


    The legendary producer and musician is famous for his work with Roxy Music, U2 and David Bowie - and guitarist Jonny Buckland let slip news of the band’s new signing at last week’s Arcade Fire gig. He said: “We feel that he picked us really, rather than we picked him. If you can persuade him to work with you then you must be doing quite well.”


    However, frontman Chris Martin was more careful — knowing one word from him can send his record company EMI’s share price flying up or down. He told BBC6 Music: “It’s just too early to talk about that at the moment.”

    Chris went to two of the four Arcade Fire shows last week and revealed they are his favourite band. He said he would have gone to more - but he had to turn out for Coldplay’s weekly sports match. The singer explained: “I had to play for my band’s football team. We have to keep fit because nobody likes a fat pop star.”


    And modest Chris was keen to rave about the Canadian act. “Arcade Fire have completely raw brilliance and passion,” he said. “When you are in a big rock band it's great to see a band that’s better than yours. It gives you something to aim for.”


    He also confirmed that Coldplay will NOT be playing this year’s Glastonbury Festival. He said: “Glastonbury is bored of us. I just plan to stay in hibernation and keep plotting and planning until we are ready to come back.”

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