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    Round-up: Coldplay's Releases of Prospekt's March and Lost! EPs

    chrismartin2008a.jpgColdplay fans almost have to consider themselves spoiled rotten, given the band's announcement of a new EP just months after its latest, Viva La Vida. They have finally locked in a release date for said EP, Prospekt's March: November 25th.


    And that's not all: just two weeks prior, on November 10th, the band will digitally release a four-track version of its Viva La Vida song 'Lost!,' including one remix featuring Jay-Z. Should the collaboration strike you as strange, perhaps you can cast your mind back to when Chris Martin [pictured] guested on the song 'Homecoming' for Kanye West's Graduation album.


    Coldplay's new releases can be attributed to an overflow of material the band created with producer Brian Eno while recording Viva La Vida. "The Viva La Vida sessions were incredibly fruitful. They gelled brilliantly with Brian and recorded much more music than they could fit on one album," a spokesman for the band's EMI record label said.

    The full track listing for Prospekt's March:


    1. "Life in Technicolor II"

    2. "Postcards From Far Away"

    3. "Glass of Water"

    4. "Rainy Day"

    5. "Prospekts March/Poppyfields"

    6. "Lost +"

    7. "Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun mix)"

    8. "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground"


    And for the Lost! digital release:

    1. "Lost!" (album version)

    2. "Lost?" (acoustic version)

    3. "Lost@" (live at Chicago)

    4. "Lost+" (with Jay-Z)


    Combined with the 11 tracks off Viva La Vida (released in June), it's turning out to be a heck of a year for the band. In the meantime, Coldplay will launch the second leg of its tour in Canada's capital city, Ottawa, on Oct. 10. Full dates are listed here. And if this isn't enough, apparently the quartet's fifth studio album is due in stores next year. That album will bring another interesting collaboration: a song with pop starlet Kylie Minogue.

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