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    Simon Pegg Wants To Direct Coldplay Video

    simonpegg2.jpg Simon Pegg is hoping Coldplay will let him direct one of their next music videos. The comedian, who features in the new Star Trek movie, told GQ magazine: "I'd love to direct some day. Doing a music video would be a great start. I've said to Chris [Martin, Coldplay frontman] a couple of times, if we get some time, I'd love to script a song."


    The Shaun of The Dead star has collaborated with Coldplay once before, when he joined the band onstage in December 2008. Pegg played harmonica for the live performance of 'Green Eyes'.


    Meanwhile, 'Peggy' revealed he doesn't want to make a Spaced movie as he doesn't feel it will work on the big screen. The British actor - who stars as Scotty in the new Star Trek movie - played sci-fi nerd Tim Bisley in the cult Channel 4 TV comedy which also starred Jessica Hynes and Nick Frost. Simon said: "I wasn't so sure about doing a Spaced movie, I feel like Spaced is very much a TV show."

    He continued: "It was about big ideas in a small world and if you saw those big kind of grand movements you're used to seeing on the screen, you're used to seeing it there, whereas Spaced worked very much as a TV show. But if I get a chance to work with Jess again I'll take it in a flash because I love her."


    The 39-year-old revealed he is honoured to be part of the 11th movie version of Star Trek. He said: "In Spaced there's a line where I'm talking about things that are sure in life and one of them is that every odd numbered Star Trek film is s**t. That's most certainly been disproved by this movie and it's lovely to go from being a self confessed fan of this kind of stuff and geek to being a part of it.


    "I think if I was still doing Spaced now there would be a whole episode dedicated to how Tim Bisley would just be orgasmic about this movie. The irony of being in the film and being part of it is not lost on me at all, I can assure you."


    Here's what Coldplay's Roadie #42 blogged when Simon Pegg joined Coldplay on stage at London's O2 Arena back in December:


    This feel spreads further than the simple fact that much of the touring party is based here in London. The show itself has a family vibe through and through. The opening acts on all three nights have deep friendships and history with the band stretching way back. Having friends and family about them even extends to a guest appearance from Mr Simon Pegg. The man is obviously a star in his own right, but when you see the band beaming from ear to ear and cracking up as he adds harmonica to the C-Stage, you can see that he's here primarily because he's their mate.


    His contribution on night one is solid, although it's clear the fact that he's standing in the spotlight in front of 18,000 people hasn't escaped his notice. The second night, he's positively on fire and appears to be loving every minute of it. By the third night he pretty much owns the place. Top fella.




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