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    Swizz Beatz gets Coldplay's permission to release 'That Oprah'

    swizzbeatz.jpgSuperstar producer Swizz Beatz recently revealed that he will be releasing “That Oprah” as an official single and will be shooting a video for it. “That Oprah” samples Coldplay's hit song “Viva la Vida” with Swizz rapping about his love for the legal tender. [Listen to “That Oprah”]


    “The record started off a freestyle, then the traction went real major,” Swizz told MTV. “Being that I've got a relationship with Coldplay already — I've worked with them a while back — I was like, I wanna turn it into a real record. I took care of the legal side. I'm about to shoot a video to that. Plus, that's where I wanna be at musically anyway. The remix is gonna be crack.”


    Swizz will be releasing his second solo album , which is currently untitled, later this year.

    “It's major,” Swizz said about the album. “It's showing a different side. We had the One Man Band that was a lot more hype, a lot more all over the place. This album we got Mary J. Blige on the album. John Legend did my intro. We're just exploring a whole other side of my movement.”



    Discuss this news story and listen via YouTube to the track here [thanks mimixxx]


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