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    Tampa date comes and goes - no word yet on rescheduled Coldplay show

    coldplaynme.jpgThe postponed Tampa date has been and gone and rather than the usual reviews, setlists and pictures, there are instead more comments on Chris Martin's well-being and predictions about a possible rescheduled Ford Amphitheater date, which is looking increasingly unlikely to take place this week. Coldplay are set to play their next live show at the MCH Arena in Herning, Denmark on August 16. Here is the fourth installment of Coldplayer comments that have flooded the messageboard (plus some more APW photos for your perusal):


    I imagine part of the problem is that the cancellation happened on a weekend. Who knows how many phonecalls have to be made and how many people/organisations are involved in the plans... they might not all be around on a weekend. Even little details like Oxfam getting it volunteers together have to be considered. And it's possible they might be seeing if the patient recovers over the weekend? I'd imagine there'll be some kind of announcement by tomorrow afternoon UK time, which is only 48hrs after the announcement - that's not too bad going really... [thanks RedGirl76]


    I'm not sure whether LiveNation would be personally notified by the band as to who is sick, but according to some posters here who attended the Charlotte show, Chris was not looking or feeling too great at that show. He apparently seemed out of it and at times had a hard time getting through the whole performance But I agree, I just hope that it's nothing too serious and that it's a speedy recovery. [thanks technicolor_love78]

    When I was buying tix for the concerts I attended 7/13 and 7/14, I was looking at how many of the shows were only one or two days apart, and thinking, "How could they possibly be at their best with such a hurried schedule?" Yet ironically, in the second show I saw on 7/14, Chris Martin actually seemed fresher, perkier, and his voice was unbelievably stronger than the very day before. So, there's no telling how the schedule affects Chris' performance. I think that the cumulative effect of many weeks led to the illness that caused them to postpone the Tampa show. Thus far, that is the official word, that it will be postponed, not canceled, so Coldplay will definitely make good on their word, even though it may be a month or more. This will still be the last U.S. show for the Viva tour, so it will be all the more special anticipating their return. I think we should all send Chris the power of our loving thoughts for his speedy recovery. That's kind of George Noory'ish, and it does work! The show will be rescheduled since they announced a postponement, not a cancelation. I'll start looking for tix right away because there's a good chance it will be in fall or winter. But, there is a chance it could be this Thursday. They didn't just make that up about Chris' being a superhero. He really is a kind of superhuman, you know. [thanks starfish42]


    I'm sorry for all the people that find out about the postponed gig at the Amphitheatre. That is really bad. Most people don't have internet access while they are traveling. Besides, all the people who bought the tickets from brokers did not get the e-mail from LiveNation. [thanks Yangarin]


    Hey everyone! I've been following this forum since got the tickets when they went on presale and I found out about the show being postponed by LiveNation e-mail.. Just want to say that I hope whoever is feeling under the weather gets better and that I'm looking foward to whatever comes next. It's great to meet you all! [thanks Túschay]


    I think they should have had Roadie#42 post something like "We are here is sunny Florida with all the gear, just in case". Coldplayers update: Dianne and Crew are now getting Ice Cream!!!!! Wish we were there!!! It's 6:20 and we all should have been in the venue by now. Dianne called they are all going to the movies.... They stopped by the venue and took a pic of the flashing billboard "COLDPLAY POSTPONED" they said people were showing up and as they were leaving one of those Party Hummers were pulling in.... How could people not know? I mean ya bought tickets thru LiveNation and they sent an email to all ticket holders yesterday morning saying it was not happening. I sent Babrlgum an email yesterday and Tom sent me one this morning saying he still hasn't heard anything I will post soon as I hear anything, he is supposed to call me, but if he hasn't heard anything I guess I won't get a call. It is very unlikely that this is happening this week, I have a feeling they are going to cancel all together, or IF they have a Latin tour, we will probably still not really be confirmed, cause they haven't issued any tour dates for those Latin ones yet. [thanks MartinFan]


    I'm sorry for everyone who was flying to see them. You know what really must be awful though, what if some people who were going to the concert didn't have internet access at this moment? That would be terriblee...to show up to the event..agh. I hope they come back ASAP, of course I want Chris to feel 100 % (along with everyone in the band)...just soon please. [thanks guyberryman<3]


    We are soooooooooo sorry Chris is sick. Sending prayers for a speedy return to health. What do you think are the chances a concert in Tampa will be rescheduled? I flew to Florida from Detroit for the concert. Coldplay puts on a tremendous show and will look forward to seeing them another time when all band members are well. [thanks rhondi1219]


    Is it a definite that it's Chris Martin who's sick? When I called Live Nation this morning (from my hotel in Tampa) about any knowledge of a rescheduled date, the service rep said it's unclear whenever artists' family members are sick (??) She said it another time as well towards the end of the conversation. I wish WHO EVER it is (that's sick) a quick recovery!!!! [thanks kateydid76]


    I was actually at that show in NYC (Madison Square Garden!) a few years ago. I don't remember them stopping the show...I just remember Chris having a hard time reaching some notes and his voice was giving out here and there. They were going to hit Florida (Tampa in fact) that next week when they had to postpone due to his health. Hopefully everything works out and they reschedule to appease most of the Coldplay fans! [thanks gatorsamiam]


    Live Nation isn't showing the Tampa concert at all now. I haven't checked, but I think tickets could probably be bought pretty cheaply in the resale market but I'm worried about buying tix there. If the show is canceled, the refunds would go to the original ticket holders. I'm waiting to find out about the reschedule date along with everyone else because I definitely want to go! We'd make out like bandits if they reschedule during the winter when Florida is a haven for the winter-weary. It would also give enough time to get the best priced airfare. So far, they have said "postponement" not "cancelation" so there is every reason to expect a new date. [thanks starfish42]


    We tried to enjoy ourselves. We went to the venue and sweet talked the parking/security guard into letting us go in the venue to take pics and we wanted to see the inside layout . The pit was set up with folding chairs. It was good size but not huge like at Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. Then we went to Chilis for margaritas and boo hoo'd at 9:00. And it was a beautiful night here, too. No rain today or tonight, but it aS freaking hot today. [thanks Ifdianne]


    You can read more comments and contribute to the latest Tampa discussion at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards. Thanks to all those who have added to the thread so far.


    New photos of Coldplay at All Points West Festival, Liberty State Park, New Jersey, NY, USA (2nd August 2009):


















    Pictures by thedugemanit @ flickr


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