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    The Beatles, Coldplay Boost British Music Abroad

    coldplaywave1.jpgThe Beatles were one of several acts that boosted British album sales abroad last year – despite not being together any more.


    Statistics released by the BPI revealed that British artists were amongst some of the most dominant acts in Germany and France last year, whose markets are the forth and fifth biggest in the world respectively.


    In total, British acts such as The Beatles - who released their album of 'new' material entitled, 'Love' - Coldplay, James Blunt and Katie Melua, helped the UK to sell twenty-seven million albums in the two countries in 2006 alone.

    The UK’s share of the music market in Germany went from 14.7% in 2005 to 19.9% last year, while in France it went from 10.2% to 10.7%.


    The countries gains in France have come as a particular surprise to officials because by law, 40% of artists on French radio must sing in French.


    Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI said: "Music is one of the UK's great cultural and economic exports. The fact that UK labels are gaining an increasing share of these major international markets demonstrates the diversity and quality of new British artists."


    The BPI also revealed that one in twelve albums sold in the US are by a British artist.


    Source: http://www.gigwise.com

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