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    The Fray: Coldplay are an inspiration

    coldplaynme.jpgThe Fray have revealed that Coldplay inspire them to "do better" as a band. The Colorado four-piece, who scored a top five hit with 'How To Save A Life' in 2006, were blown away by the English band's Viva La Vida album.


    "Viva La Vida is amazing! Some of the sounds on that record are just incredible and that's what I find inspiring," drummer Ben Wysocki told DigitalSpy. "They're not just turning out melodies that you can sing to in the shower, they're progressing into different sonic landscapes and collaborating with different producers."


    However, Wysocki insisted that The Fray, who release their second album next month, do not view Coldplay as chart competitors. "Whenever people compare us to Coldplay, we take it as a compliment because we're big fans of the band," he said. "But it's kind of selling yourself short to view your fellow artists as rivals, because you have to focus on being the best you can be. We don't see Coldplay as competition, but they do kinda inspire us to do better."


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