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    The Oracle has landed in Latin America!

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    February 23, 2010 - submitted by Maria Cristina, Columbia

    Q. Hi Dear Oracle! I am so happy that Coldplay is coming to Colombia!! Lots of crowds will be there. Please let me know if there will be a video recording from Latin America or from the tour...It will the best concert we have this year, and as far as I know people are also coming from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and other countries only for Coldplay!!

    The Oracle replies:

    All I can tell you is that Roadie #42 and myself had a chat on the plane over and we will both certainly be looking through various lenses over the next couple of weeks... Keep an eye out for his blogs and some updates via Anchorman too.

    February 23, 2010 - submitted by Stephanie, Argentina

    Q. Q. Dear Oracle, I've asked you a few days ago if u know what soundtrack is Coldplay playing in the concert here in Argentina but I didn't received an answer so I guess you don't know or you cant give me that kind of information, or maybe my question is not good enough, but if you cant answer that maybe you can tell me at least two songs that they are playing that are not from the Viva la Vida album, thank u very much and good luck on your tour I heard that you are coming too! Stephanie. ps: Sorry for my bad English, hope you understood me!

    The Oracle replies:

    Without giving too much away as I sit here in my hotel room in Argentina, I haven't actually seen the current setlist as we only arrived a few hours ago. I wouldn't want to share the songs with you as the element of surprise is far better. That said, there won't be a huge change to the set they were playing on the Viva tour last year. I think we can safely say that Yellow will be played though!



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