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    The Oracle Muses Over Royalties Paid For Cover Versions

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    October 1, 2008 - submitted by Jen, United Kingdom

    Q. One of the questions today started me thinking. If the band play a track by another artist, or use part of it when on tour, do they have to pay any kind of royalties to the other artist?

    The Oracle replies:

    Live music venues have a license to play music and for example in the UK, they pay to be a member of the PRS (Performing Rights Society), which acts as a collection agency and then distributes royalties to the artists. Any band that plays live may also have to provide a set list of songs performed.

    October 1, 2008 - submitted by Sia, United States of America

    Q. Why are singles like "Such a Rush" or "Murder" called B-sides?

    The Oracle replies:

    Traditionally individual track releases were 7" vinyl with the single on one side - the A side and an extra song on the flip - the B side. The term has stuck around even with the emergence of CD singles.

    For the person who asked what an EP is, it's short for Extended Play. Basically it's got more tracks on it and is longer than a single but is too short to qualify as an album.


    October 1, 2008 - submitted by Valerie, Netherlands

    Q. I am desperate!! I booked tickets to the Coldplay concert for 2 October in Rotterdam about six months ago. I've now just been informed by the ticket sellers that the ticket suppliers haven't delivered, so for me the concert is off. Given that I booked my tickets through a link given on the Coldplay messenger site, I feel desperately let down. I've been looking forward to this concert for months and now at the last minute, I find out I won't be going, even though I've paid for the tickets. I don't want my money back!!! I want to see Coldplay!! Is there no recourse for people like me? I thought I was in a good position because I was a member of the Coldplay fan club, but it seems I am now in a worse position than anyone else at all! Can the oracle help me with this?

    The Oracle replies:

    Firstly are you sure you used the link given in the Coldplay Messenger (there is no fan club)? If you did we're talking about a bona fide outlet. It's not your fault if their suppliers have let them down but remember if this were true you wouldn't be the only person affected would you? If they have taken your money and you have a booking confirmation I would say the concert should not be off for you. The ticketing company can't give everyone refunds and risk having a venue half empty due to a problem. Gather all the information you have together and call them. Explain that you would like to speak to a manager and ask that you can collect tickets on the door. They may have made a mistake with duplicates, as I cannot accept the excuse they gave to you. If this does not work email me at [email protected].



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