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    The Oracle On Coldplay's Barack Obama Stance

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    November 5, 2008 - submitted by Jesse, United States of America

    Q. Why did you have to yell ‘Barack Obama’ at the end of your song on SNL? You lost a lot of fans (including me) with that statement. People listen to music to escape from all of the junk and the politics. I just didn’t see the point after all you are from the UK what does it matter?

    The Oracle replies:

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, as are we, that is the nation, the band and me. I’d normally agree with your sentiment but in this case you have to remember that although we may be British and cannot vote in your election, whom you vote in does have an effect on us, on the entire human race in fact. And if you don’t agree with that, just look how many loved ones are posted in Iraq, which essentially came from a president we didn’t vote for either. All I’m saying is that this election was important to people the world over. Whatever your political stance, this was an historic outcome and we will now see what effect this decision has on the world too.

    November 5, 2008 - submitted by Motogohamsee, Zimbabwe

    Q. Hey Oracle,Exactly how many types of the song lost are there? I’ve heard three but I think there might be more?

    The Oracle replies:

    There are 4 versions of the song:

    Lost! (album version)

    Lost? (acoustic version)

    Lost@ (live at Chicago)

    Lost+ (with Jay-Z)


    November 5, 2008 - submitted by Teresa, United Kingdom

    Q. Hi oracle, could you help me please? Being a lady painter/decorator, i go onto construction sites which entails me to wear a hardhat. i need to replace the one i have and would love to get a girly pink hardhat. where could i buy one in the uk? I cant find one ANYWHERE!! Thanks!xx if you can help!

    The Oracle replies:

    There are a few companies that do them and it seems they’re more popular in the States. Pink hard hats were available for a minimum donation of 10 (excl P&P) from Melanie Salter tel: 0113 237 3017 with funds benefiting Breast Cancer Haven’s Yorkshire Appeal so get in touch to see if they still have them.

    Failing that try here or here.




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