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    The Oracle Speaks On Coldplay's Acting Career

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    October 3, 2008 - submitted by Nori, Hungary

    Q. Dear O, has any of the boys ever been offered a role in a movie? Would they accept it if they found the script good enough?

    The Oracle replies:

    Chris was offered a role in a huge film but the guys aren't actors, they're musicians and so won't be considering a career change at this point!

    FYI: I'm not going to reveal which film because that wouldn't be fair to the actor who eventually played the role; he might think he was the first and only choice!

    October 3, 2008 - submitted by Marvin, Malaysia

    Q. I'm anxious to know, which Oasis songs did Coldplay try out in their soundcheck ? I love Coldplay, and Oasis too. DO you think Oasis' new album will be a good one ?

    The Oracle replies:

    Well Marvin, they played around with Cigarettes and Alcohol in a recent soundcheck. I already KNOW the new Oasis album is a good one, I was pleasantly surprised, I'd given up on them years ago, but it's a return to form.


    October 3, 2008 - submitted by Fufu, Indonesia

    Q. Why did Coldplay translate "Viva La Vida" to "Death and all His Friends" and not "Live the Life?"

    The Oracle replies:

    They didn't. I think you are misunderstanding the title. The full album title is:

    Viva La Vida


    Death And All His Friends

    They're not saying that Death.. is what Viva la Vida means, it's more of an alternative title.


    October 3, 2008 - submitted by Ryan, United States of America

    Q. Oracle,

    Why do people who live in England who are studying math say, " my Maths" ?

    The Oracle replies:

    Mathematics sounds like a plural noun and so over the years we snuck in the s when we shortened it.



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