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    The Oracle Speaks on Coldplay's Clothes from... Topman!

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    March 4, 2009 - submitted by Lach, Australia

    Q. Chris and Will were both wearing (very) cool duds last night in Melbourne. What's the label with the "V" on the long sleeve tees?

    The Oracle replies:

    Do you know I think there's strong possibility they're both from Topman! The V was painted on though it's just a customized tee so you could technically get one from anywhere but if it really is, as I suspect, Topman then affordable to all - hoorah!


    March 4, 2009 - submitted by Dalia, El Salvador

    Q. I was watching MTV world stage with Coldplay, and when the big yellow balls fell from stage during the song Yellow I realized that after the song all the balls despair so I wanted to know what did you do with all those balls??? Their concerts are pretty awesome!!

    The Oracle replies:

    The balls don't disappear as such, they're actually balloons and people pop them. Some folk have been known to keep hold of them until the end but it's much more fun to bounce them around and pop them! Speaking of the balloons, I was asked this week what they were made from as we had a fan with a latex allergy attending a concert. The balloons are made from latex and so thought I'd point that out just in case anyone else needs that information.

    March 4, 2009 - submitted by HoaMi, Australia

    Q. I saw an Oracle reply on 19 February with regards to emailing. I don't know where to find Coldplay's email address. I sent an email to [email protected] but I don't know if that's right.

    Oh mr/ms Oracle, would you please tell me ?

    p.s: Is it coldplay or Coldplay ?

    p.p.s: My name comes with a hyphen.

    The Oracle replies:

    Well Hoa-Mi, on the right of this page under the 'submit a question' button you will see 'top tags'. Under those in red is 'more tags'. If you click that and then click 'address' within the tag cloud it will give you your mailing options. The address you used isn't correct.

    It's Coldplay by the way.


    March 4, 2009 - submitted by Janis, Poland

    Q. Hello dear Oracle! I want to send a letters to Coldplay via email and via snail address and I don't know what to do, because I found two addresses. Should i use this:

    c/o PO Box 246


    SK8 9AF

    or this:


    EMI Records UK

    EMI House

    43 Brook Green

    London, W6 7EF


    I would be so so grateful if you answer. Cheers! :)

    The Oracle replies:

    The first one, don't send to the record label as they'll only get re-directed eventually anyway.


    March 4, 2009 - submitted by Brooke, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, I saw a video of Will singing and also saw him singing in concert and I was wondering what song it was.

    The Oracle replies:

    I will assume that it was Death Will Never Conquer as it's been a regular fixture on the Viva tour with Will taking lead vocal. At Christmas he also sang The Pogues (featuring Kirsty MacColl) song Fairytale of New York, so if isn't the former, it'll most likely be the latter.



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