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    The Oracle Speaks On Coldplay's Talk & Kraftwerk

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    October 15, 2008 - submitted by Robin, Germany

    Q. Dear Oracle: Here in my Coldplay sheet book there's alwas a line under the title of the song wich says: words and music by ... [the 4 coldplay members]

    But as I see here, words & music for "Talk" by Guy B.,Chris M., Karl Bartos, Jon B., Will C., Emil Schult & Ralf Huetter. Who are those three other guys? Mr. Huetter and Mr. Schult even seem to have German names... Thank you a lot =)

    The Oracle replies:

    They are indeed German names;, they are members of German band Kraftwerk. The main riff of Talk comes from the Kraftwerk song Computer Love. They gave their permission to use it but are of course credited with writing it.

    October 15, 2008 - submitted by friend of the oracle, United Kingdom

    Q. Isn't the video where they throw food at each other Mat Whitecross' vid for Bigger Stronger?

    The Oracle replies:

    In a word, no, the Bigger Stronger video has a brief food scene but there's no throwing of it. It's on our timeline or you watch it here.


    October 15, 2008 - submitted by Abi, United States of America

    Q. How did u come up with the name 4 Viva la Vida? I mean the song doesn't even say Viva la Vida once.

    The Oracle replies:

    There's no rule to say that the title has to be included in a song's lyrics, many Coldplay songs don't (Amsterdam anyone?) Viva la Vida took its name from a Frida Kahlo painting of the same name.

    In fact there are thousands of famous songs that don't, for example Bohemian Rhapsody, Smells Like Teen Spirit, The Unforgettable Fire and *Peace Frog to name but a few.

    *Any excuse to be able to listen to this!



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