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    The Oracle Speaks On 'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face'... Techno Version

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    September 18, 2008 - submitted by Zac, United States of America

    Q. Will we ever be able to download the techno version of "God put a smile upon your face" that they played in their concert?

    The Oracle replies:

    Right now there isn't a recorded version of this song. At original rehearsals for the shows, the track wasn't given the techno treatment - I prefer to say it was given an '80's overhaul. At the moment it's performed on what is known as Stage B, which has also seen many changes. The most notable being that Will ditched a traditional drum kit for an electric one. This lends itself to this interpretation of GPAUYF well.

    September 18, 2008 - submitted by Ruan, Brazil

    Q. Dear oracle, do you think that people in "Family Guy" can hear Stewie? I know the dog can, but what about the others?

    By the way,is Stewie's accent british?

    Thank you, master!

    The Oracle replies:

    Ah this is a question I used to ask myself. Luckily being an Oracle I was able to answer. For most of the episodes it would seem that only Brian (the dog) can hear and understand everything he says but there's odd bits of evidence in episodes where it appears that other members of the Griffin family can hear him too. It doesn't happen often so the explanation is either that they can but choose to ignore him, or perhaps what they hear is his baby voice. As he's a 1 year old, him being the articulate English speaking character we hear is not likely. But then, I have never seen a talking dog, well, except on That's Life.


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